Use the IUP Mobile App for the interactive map, viewing grades, finding people, and so much more! Below you will find information relating to the IUP Mobile Application, including the latest updates and functionality changes.  

How do I download the app to my mobile device?

Find out the details for downloading the IUP Mobile App through the appropriate app store.

Once the IUP Mobile App has been downloaded, updates should be applied as they become available.

How do I exit the mobile app?

If you've signed in using your network username and password (the same credentials you would use for MyIUP), be sure to sign out by clicking on the Menu icon, then Sign Out. Then use the normal methods for your device to close the application.

Does the mobile app run in the background when I am not using it?

It will continue to run if you haven't exited. There is also an inactivity timeout if you are signed into the IUP Mobile App.

If you are signed in and haven't used the application in five minutes, you will be signed out. You still need to exit the application using normal methods for your device even if you have been signed out by the inactivity timeout.

Is my username and password encrypted during transmission?

Yes, SSL is used to transmit the username and password.

How do I provide feedback on the mobile app?

You can leave feedback for the developers by the Menu icon at the top and choosing About. Send e-mail to the address list with "Have a suggestion?".

You are also encouraged to write a review on the App Store or Play Store.