With the release of Microsoft Windows 10 to the general public, Microsoft has made Windows 10 Academic freely available to students.

Students are able to obtain the Windows 10 Academic product key as well as a link to the ISO file needed to install the operating system. This availability allows students to perform a few key critical operations.

  • Install Windows 10 legally on a new, custom-built computer.
  • Install Parallels for Mac and then dual boot macOS and Windows 10.
  • Upgrade a PC running an older version of Windows.

The link to the Windows 10 download can be found at iup.onthehub.com, where you will need to follow through the web store, adding the Windows 10 Key to your cart and progressing through the checkout. Once you are issued a key, we recommend that you print out that page and save the key. The key information is only available to you for 30 days, and will not be available after that point.

If you need to download the ISO file, please visit the Microsoft Academic Website.