ITS Network Contacts

Each office on the ITS network is asked to identify a primary and secondary network contact. These individuals serve as security officers for network resources owned by the office. If an individual in the office needs access to the office's O: drive or to a specific printer, the request must be submitted by the primary or secondary network contact.

ITS Network Contacts
Office Name Primary Network
Secondary Network
Admissions UG Lance Marshall (LANCE) Stacy Hopkins (SHOPKINS)
Admissions GR Amber Dworek (ADWOREK) Paula Stossel (PSTOSS)
Admissions OP Debbie Brosch (DBROSCH) Tiffanie Fordyce (TFORDYCE)
Department of Disability Access and Advising Cathy Dugan (CMDGAN) Todd Vanwieren (TODDVW)
Applied Research Lab Hilliary Creely (HCREELY) Bethany Jackson (BJACKSON)
Athletics Samantha Goettman (GOETTMAN) Joshua Hill (JOSHHILL)
Career and Professional Development Center Tammy Manko (TAMMYM) Kelsey Thompson (KTHOMPS)
Center for Health and Well-Being Ann Sesti (ANNSESTI)
Jessica Miller (JEMILLER)
Melissa Dick (MDICK)
Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement Theo Turner (TTURN)
Conference Services Mandi Custer (MANDI) Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS)
Council of Deans Network
- Education and Communications
- Eberly College of Business
- Health and Human Services
- Arts and Humanities
- Kopchick College of Natural Science and Math
John Kilmarx (JKILLY) Elizabeth Poje (EPOJE)
Counseling Center Eric Rosenberger (ROSEY) Jessica Miller (JEMILLER)
Criminal Justice Training Center Dennis Marsili (DMARSILI) Marcia Cole (MCOLE)
Culinary Arts (Academy of) Lynn Pike (LPIKE)  
Dean's Office, Fine Arts (College of) Carolyn Davis (CKDAVIS) David Ferguson (DFERGUSN)
Dean's Office, Health and Human Services (College of) Joshua Muscatello (JOSHMUS) Chelsey Baun (CBAUN)
Dixon Center
- Sociology ALS
Christian Vaccaro (CVACCARO) Alex Heckert (AHECKERT)
Enrollment Management Tiffanie Fordyce (TFORDYCE) Kim Anderson (KANDERSN)
Facilities Administration Larry Miller (LLMILLER) Wendy Riggenbach (RIGGENBA)
Facilities Engineering and Construction Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS) Mandi Custer (MANDI)
Facilities Management Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS) Mandi Custer (MANDI)
Facilities Services
- Procurement Services
- Central Stores
Robert Zack (RZACK) Larry Miller (LLMILLER)
Finance and Budget
- Budget Office
- Student Billing Office
- Financial Operations
- Travel Office
Karen Alsop (KDALSOP) William Buttz (WBUTTZ)
Financial Aid Tiffany Potts (TCOFFEN) Carrie McCunn (CMCCUNN)
Foundation for IUP Betsy Lauber (BLAUBER) Karen Ober (KOBER)
Graduate School
- Administration
Sharon Procter (SPROCTER) Hilliary Creely (HCREELY)
Graduate School
- Research
Hilliary Creely (HCREELY) Bethany Jackson (BJACKSON)
Health Services Melissa Dick (MDICK) Elizabeth Houser (EHOUSER)
Honors College Kevin Berezansky (KEVINB) Lisa Halmes (LMHALMES)
Housing and Residence Life Patrick McDevitt (PATRICKJ) Don Spade (DONSPADE)
Human Resources/Payroll Services Laura Slebodnick (LAURAS)
Craig Bickley (CBICKLEY)
Lindsey McNickle (MCNICKLE)
International Education
- Education Abroad
Pauline Wells (PJWELLS) Ileana Townsend (ITWNSND)
International Education
- International Student and Scholar Services
Pauline Wells (PJWELLS) Emma Archer (EARCHER)
Kovalchick Complex Mary Ann Lambrinos (MALAMBRI) Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS)
Liberal Studies Dawn Smith-Sherwood  (SMITHSHE) Edel Reilly (EREILLY)
Library Patricia Cornman (PCORNMAN)
Major and Career Exploration Center Amber Racchini (AMBERRAC) Hillary Stitt (HSTITT)
Marketing and Communications Mike Powers (MPOWERS) Simon Stuchlik (STUCHLIK)
Military Resource Center Cory Shay (CSHAY) Patrick McDevitt (PATRICKJ)
Military Science Chelsea Dixon (CDIXON) Erich Steffens (ESTEFFEN)
Northpointe (Armstrong) Campus Richard Muth (RMUTH)
OSHA Tammy Harvey (THARVEY) Tammy Harvey (THARVEY)
Parking and Vending Services Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS) Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS)
Pittsburgh East (Monroeville) Richard Muth (RMUTH)
Planning and Analysis Chris Kitas (CKITAS) Diane Hoover (DTRAVES)
President's Office
- Social Equity
Ruffina Winters (RWINTERS) Patty Kane (PAKANE)
Printing Center and Post Office Sam Phillips (PHILLIPS) Melanie Cochran (SCOCHRAN)
Provost's Office Elizabeth Poje (EPOJE) John Kilmarx (JKILLY)
Public Health Kristi Storti (KLSTORTI) Scott Decker (SDECKER)
Punxsutawney Campus Richard Muth (RMUTH)
Registrar's Office Melissa Daisley (mdaisley) Michael Powell (MPOWELL)
Tracey Henney (THEENEY)
Research Institute Amber Pinkerton (APINK) Michelle Loughner (LOUGHNER)
Rural Health and Safety Louis Pesci (LPESCI) Tracy Gordish (TGORDISH)
Student Conduct Adam Jones (ADJONES) Billie Pape-Starcher (PAPE)
Teaching Excellence Holly Olexo (OLEXO) Rachel Jackson (JACKSON)
University Advancement
- Engagement and University Events
Nathan Bish (NBISH) Lori Marshall (LMARSHAL)
University College Amber Racchini (AMBERRAC) Hillary Stitt (HSTITT)
University Police Doug Campbell Caroline Speer (CESPEER)
VP for Administration and Finance Edie Bash (EABASH)
VP for Student Affairs Tina Wiggins (TWIGGINS) Thomas Segar (TSEGAR)
(Web) Digital Team Jessica Groll (JGROLL) Bruce Dries (BVDRIES)
Eric Barker (BARKERE)
Eric Pinkerton (EPINKERT)
Women's Studies Lingyan Yang (LINGYAN)