NVivo is a qualitative data analysis software package designed for researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required.

If you need to handle rich information, where in-depth analysis on both small and large volumes of data are required, NVivo is your solution. It removes many of the manual tasks associated with analysis, like classifying, sorting, and arranging information, so you have more time to explore trends, test theories, and arrive at answers to questions.

IUP provides licenses to IUP students and employees via the QSR NVivo portal.  To access the NVivo portal, please log in to ihelp and make a request to provision your account. This myNVivo account will be provisioned under your IUP email address. This is not part of the IUP Web Single Sign-On. The myNVivo portal is a stand-alone portal using your full IUP email address and a password you will set.

After your account has been provisioned, you will receive two automated emails from QSR Nvivo asking you to complete your myNvivo profile. The subjects of the two emails are:

  • It's Time to Get Started With NVivo
  • Start Using NVivo Now

Use the Complete Your myNVivo Profile button at the bottom of the "Time to get started" email to complete your profile. Follow the prompts:

  • Verify the IUP email address is correct. 
  • Click Send Verification Code to your email account.
  • From the email, get the code to enter, then click Verify.
  • When verified, click Continue.
  • Set your myNVivo password. Remember, this password is only for myNVivo.
  • Once set, you will log in to myNVivo to complete the registration.

From the myNVivo portal, you can download the appropriate package for your computer, install NVivo, and activate it. Follow the prompts to complete the process and start using the software.


The NVIVO collaboration feature is not included with IUP's license. Users wanting to use this feature are responsible for purchasing that separately.