Telephone Services

IUP is in the process of migrating our traditional phone system over to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. The migration project is in the third year of a three-year project that expanded over three academic years.

Please note that you should always use 10-digitdialing even when makingon-campus calls.

Two of thelargest benefitsof VoIP are the potential cost savings for long distance (both domestic and international), and each line of service will have voice mail included.

As the project progresses, IT Services personnel will be contacting each office/department to gather current and future needs of the telephone service.

Questions about IUP telephone services should be directed to the IT Support Center at 724-357-4000, via e-mail, or ihelp.

Specific services provided

  • Ordering new telephone lines
  • Reporting problems with existing telephone lines and services
  • Requesting changes to a telephone line or service
  • Ordering voicemail services for individual lines and groups of lines
  • Information about telephone equipment
  • Requests for general information about the use of the telephone services