IUP participates in eduroam, a secure, global internet service developed for the international research and education community. With IUP's participation, IUP users can connect to a participating university's wireless network. Likewise, visitors from other universities that participate in eduroam can connect to IUP's wireless network.

Eduroam is currently available at more than 100 countries worldwide. You can find participating countries and universities on eduroam's website. If you are planning a trip to a participating university, please make note of the following instructions for connecting to that university's wireless network.

Anyone connecting to eduroam is held to the same network guidelines and policies as those connecting to IUP's policies and guidelines.

Ensure your computer and devices are configured so that you can connect using eduroam. By using these configurations to connect to the IUP network, you will be able to connect to a participating universities wireless network.

IUP Users Connecting to eduroam when Visiting a Participating University

If you have you device or computer configured with the proper IUP connection criteria, you will seamlessly connect to the university's wireless network. If you do not have this configured, you need to manually connect to their wireless network by:

  1. Selecting the university's SSIDfrom the list of available wireless networks from your device or laptop.
  2. Entering your IUP network address and IUP network password. Enter the username in the following format: IUPusername@iupmsd.iup.edu
    • Replacing IUPusername with your IUP username. Note: this is not your IUP email alias.
  3. If you are having issues connecting, please contact the IUP IT Support Center at 724-357-4000.

Visitors Connecting to eduroam at IUP

If you are from a university that participates in eduroam and are visiting IUP, you can connect to eduroam by:

  1. Select eduroam from the list of available wireless networks.
  2. If requested, enter the required login information from your home institution.
    • If you are having issues with your connection, you will need to contact your home institution.