The IT Services Service Continuity and Disaster Recovery (SCDR) works within the framework of the IUP Business Continuity Plan, specifically detailing IT Services plans to address the Information Technology Recovery and Telecommunication Recovery requirements for responding to interruptions of essential business functions.

Central Information Technology Services provided by IT Services form the data, voice, and information system infrastructure for many key administrative and instructional services provided by the university. It is the policy of IT Services to protect the human, physical, and electronic assets required to provide all central IT services. Through the IT Services Service Continuity and Disaster RecoveryPlan, IT Services will ensure that

  • Central services provided by IT Services are implemented in a fashion that will maximize service availability within the scope and budget parameters of each service.
  • IT Services management and staff are prepared to respond to service disruptions caused by natural (fire, flood, tornado, etc.), human (sabotage, operator error, etc.), or technological (equipment failure, utility outages, software error, etc.) disasters in a documented, organized fashion.

IT Services management is responsible for the development, maintenance, and testing of the SCDR Plan, including an annual Risk Assessment of Services provided by IT Services.