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Advance in Your Field with an IUP Graduate Degree

When you're applying to graduate programs, you might be wondering what gives IUP that extra edge.

At IUP, you’ll study in a master's or doctoral program that challenges, shapes, and expands your way of thinking. You’ll learn from expert professors who care about your success. And, with over 60 graduate programs to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect fit.

Here, you’ll join a community that wants to see you succeed as much as you do. That’s why we’re proud to offer affordable tuition rates along with access to more than $5 million+ in graduate scholarships and assistantships. We’ll do everything we can to make sure investing in your graduate degree pays off.

Find a Program that Matches Your Needs

Choose from 40+ master’s programs, 13 doctoral programs, or graduate certificates that match your aspirations. Earn your advanced degree online, at one of our three Western Pennsylvania locations, or in a hybrid format. Your work ethic, combined with our programs, will get you the credentials you need to succeed. 

Find Your Graduate Program

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You’ve heard about our graduate programs and you've learned about our expert professors. Now, take the first steps you need to become a master’s, doctoral, or graduate certificate student at IUP.


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$5 million+

in graduate assistantships and scholarships

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Tuition and Fee Cost Estimator

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a graduate degree improves both your earning potential and your employment opportunities. Still, you need to make sure that you can afford your education.

At IUP, we’re committed to helping you afford your graduate degree. In addition to our affordable tuition, which has been frozen without an increase for four years, every master’s and doctoral program offers assistantships and scholarships.

Estimate your costs to attend IUP, then talk to our graduate admissions team and financial aid office about your options for additional aid.

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Graduate Admissions for International Students

IUP offers an ideal setting for international students looking to advance their education and career in the United States. Here, you’ll meet a vibrant and diverse community that consists of more than 25 percent non-white and international students. Resources like our Office of International Education and American Language Institute allow you to transition into a new country and culture.

Learn more about the application requirements, fees, and documents you’ll need to apply as a graduate student at IUP. You’ll also see important application deadlines to meet common visa and financial aid deadlines.

Weekly International Applicant Zoom Room

Want to talk to someone who has already done this process? Every Wednesday, interested international students who would like to apply to the Graduate School at IUP have the opportunity to talk to a current international graduate student via Zoom.

Additional Options for Graduate Students

Earn Graduate Credits for Military Training and Experience

Active and former servicemen and women can earn a graduate degree even faster through IUP’s Military Graduate Credits and Experience Policy. All of our master’s and doctoral programs may be able to consider your military training and experience on a case-by-case basis. 

Start Taking Graduate Classes While Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree at IUP

IUP students currently earning their bachelor’s degree can get a head start on a master’s degree in our Early Admission program. Once accepted into your master’s degree program of choice, you can use up to 40 percent of your graduate classes to count double for both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees beginning your junior year.

Earn Two Graduate Degrees from IUP at the Same Time

Optimize the time spent in graduate school by earning two master’s degrees from IUP in less time and at a lower cost. Students in our dual enrollment program can share up to 50 percent of credits earned in one degree with another master’s degree offered at IUP.