ITS Services

IT Services maintains a wide array of services on campus. Below is a listing of services that are primarily offered and supported by IT Services. If at any time you have further questions not addressed in this section, please log an ihelp ticket and a representative will contact you.

Network Shares and Services

  • Project Drive
    • The Project Directory Service provides "project" disk space for each individual course section being offered in the current academic semester.
  • Personal Web Service
    • All staff, faculty, and students have a personal website that they can design.
    • Files can be uploaded to the site through the H: Drive in the wwwiup folder.
  • Network Management
    • IUP network management includes the planning, operation, and maintenance of the university's internet service.


  • This service provides a workflow and approval process for campus functions. If you would like to see a demo of iforms, please log an ihelp ticket to schedule.
  • Faculty Specialized iforms

Banner Resources

  • Banner resources are used by faculty and staff of IUP to run reports for information.

Mobile Devices

  • Personal mobile devices include smartphones and tablets.

Admin Training Facilities

  • These facilities are available to faculty and staff to conduct training and meetings.
  • These rooms are best used for small meetings, conference calls, or training programs.

Survey Services

  • Qualtrics
    • Qualtrics is a survey program used by IUP for large survey distributions.
  • Services utilizing Scantron scan sheet
    • IUP provides an optical-scanning survey service for anyone with a valid computing account.
    • This service can be used when an online survey using Qualtrics is not practical.

DUO Two-Factor Authentication

  • DUO is IUP's service to two-factor authentication.  Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts.