The IT Support Center coordinates the operation of several University Public Computer Labs. These computer labs are available for student use and contain a wide variety of software. Some computer labs contain specialized software related to the college or department hosting the lab. The lab PCs will automatically connect to your network drives when you log in to the PC.

The public labs are:

If you are unable to get to a public lab, you can use the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) to access software installed on public lab computers. 

If faculty members need specific course-related software to be available in the public labs, they should complete the University Public Lab Software Procedures and Request Form. Questions you may have regarding the standard public lab software provided in the university public labs or the process to request a special application be included in one or more of the public labs should be directed to IT Services via ihelp.

Software needs for other specialized labs (non-public labs) should be submitted separately through ihelp.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the requestor to provide the software, which must be legally purchased and be sufficient in number to distribute to the entire public lab (i.e., each PC). Software requests for the fall semester need to be submitted on or before May commencement. Software requests for the spring and summer semesters must be submitted by November 1.

For computer labs in residential buildings, visit Residential Computing Centers