iwiki is a collaborative service that is available to campus departments, organizations and committees.

What Can It Do?

iwiki is divided into team spaces. Team spaces are designed to allow for easy collaboration, documentation and discussion of various points a team may need to engage in. Using iwiki allows for teams to store meeting notes, documents, and other items. iwiki has full version tracking and change logging.

How Do I Access iwiki?

iwiki is protected by the IUP VPN. This means that you will need to set up the VPN on your computer before you can access iwiki. If you are on campus, there is no need to set up the VPN.

Once the VPN is set up or if you are on campus, you can access iwiki at https://iwiki.iup.edu

Is iwiki Secure?

Each team space is secured to the individuals who are requested to be included in the space. Some spaces may be public spaces with public information, other spaces may be hidden and only visible to team members. Team members will have access to any team space they are given rights to. iwiki also requires you to log in with IUP credentials, adding an extra layer of security. Going even further, iwiki is protected by the IUP VPN, so only people with an active IUP account have the opportunity to log in.

How Do I Request a Team Space in iwiki?

Log an ihelp ticket and IT Support will contact you about your requirements. We will be happy to give you a demo of the various uses for iwiki.