IUP offers several network services designed for students. 

A network consists of PCs, printers, servers, and other resources that are connected so that they can communicate with each other. Some advantages of using networked resources include the sharing of printers with a group, the ability to work from home, and centralized backup of data. A network account is used to gain access to these services.

IUP network services include:

Project Directory Service (P: drive) - Used by some instructors, the P: drive is networked space with separate storage for each course offered each semester. This service enables a student to hand in projects or papers, store data, and transfer information electronically.

OneDrive - Available to all students through Microsoft Office 365. There is 1 TB of space available on each account. It is an online storage platform that allows you to access your uploaded files from anywhere.

Wireless Network (WiFi) - The IUP wireless network is available across campus, including the Oak Grove. Wireless routers are positioned in many locations to provide the best overall coverage.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - The IUP VPN provides users with secure access to the university's network and allows IUP users the ability to access university resources while physically not on the IUP campuses.

Virtual Computer Lab - Using VMWare, the Virtual Computer Lab provides remote access to a Windows desktop so you can access the software applications found on the PCs in the public computer labs as well as the standard desktop. This service is provided for all registered students, faculty, and staff members.