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Cybersecurity Writing Tutor Training

The specialized STEM-related cybersecurity writing tutors are trained to work online, analyze computer science assignments, understand its technical language, and assess student learning. Videos, pre/post tests, and handouts are all utilized during and after tutoring sessions to provide additional learning. Tutors have helped students in a range of topics from organizing papers to documenting sources.Six tutors with STEM-related backgrounds learned the technical aspects of communicating in cybersecurity fields. Tutors completed 13 training hours in which they were trained to work online with students, to analyze assignments, to understand the technical language of the field, and to assess student learning. Also, tutors created resources to help students during and after tutoring sessions. Tutors made videos, pre-tests and post-tests, and handouts. Finally, tutors helped students with an array of topics. Topics included understanding the assignment, brainstorming ideas, choosing a topic, researching a topic, outlining, writing a thesis and main idea, developing ideas, using examples and details, incorporating research, introductions and conclusions, organization, transitions and flow, voice and style, word and sentence errors, punctuation, documenting sources, formatting the document, and next steps for the writer. To see more from the Kathleen Jones White Writing Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, visit www.iup.edu/writingcenter.


Help Sheets

  1. Citing sources using MLA style
  2. Citing sources using APA style
  3. Sample paper in APA style
  4. Using formal vs. informal language
  5. Writing balanced sentences
  6. Correcting for subject-verb agreement
  7. Proofreading your writing
  8. Writing for your audience
  9. Avoiding Plagiarism
  10. Correcting Fragments, Run-Ons, and Comma Splices
  11. Writing effective introductions
  12. Using inclusive language
  13. Revising passive voice
  14. Planning a Problem-Solution Essay
  15. Writing thesis statements
  16. Using transitional words and phrases
  17. Understanding Grammarly
  18. Grammarly flaws
  19. Tone in Emails
  20. Conveying Technical Information in Email
  21. Identifying Technical Language
  22. Email Etiquette
  23. Email for cybersecurity
  24. Parts of an Abstract
  25. Anatomy of an Abstract
  26. Responding to Writing
  27. Anatomy of a Memo
  28. Making strong recommendations

Audio Presentations and Powerpoints

  1. Introduction to using the writing center
  2. APAStyle
  3. MLA Style
  4. Communicating With Professors
  5. Writing Professional Memos and Emails
  6. Tone in Emails
  7. Email Etiquette
  8. Abstracts in Context
  9. Responding to Writing
  10. Memos in the Workplace
  11. Writing recommendation reports that work
  12. Proofreading
  13. Rhetorical Situation
  14. Understanding the assignment

This infographic describes a program at IUP's Kathleen Jones White Writing Center to train writing tutors as cybersecurity writing specialists

Meet with a Tutor

Feb. 17 Cybersecurity Workshop Materials

  1. Workshop Plan
  2. Activity Wildcards

Writing Skills Self-Assessments

  1. Paragraph Organization
  2. Sentence Structure
  3. APA Style Quiz

Writing Assignments in Computer Science

  1. Network Security Project