Earn Your Master’s Faster in a 4+1 Program at IUP

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    Get Admitted to a Master’s Program While Applying for College

    You may think that it’s too early to start thinking about a master’s degree during your senior year in high school. After all, you will have four years of college to decide what to do after commencement.

    But what if you could get admitted to your master’s program of choice before you even enter college? It’s possible, thanks to our 4+1 programs.

    Within these programs, highly qualified college applicants can gain admission for a related master’s degree at IUP. That, in turn, will accelerate your studies and allow you to increase your qualifications for a future career.

    Even if you are not yet considering a master’s degree, the cost savings and career benefits in our 4+1 program can be significant.

    Alexander Minnis

    “The 4+1 program has provided me with not only the necessary tools to be a successful educator, it has opened doors for my career that otherwise would have remained closed. I am now able to use more tools and skills in the classroom that I would have not received in my undergraduate studies. For any student who is interested in furthering their education right away, there is no better option than the 4+1 program.”

    Alexander Minnis
    Early Childhood/Special Education
    MEd in Literacy

  • Why Earn a Master’s?

    It’s never too early to start thinking about a master’s degree. Even as you start thinking about college, it makes sense to consider the benefits an advanced degree can provide:

    • Professionals with a master’s degree earn $12,000 more per year on average than those with only a bachelor’s degree (CGS).

    • Unemployment rate drops to 3.4 percent for professionals with a master’s degree, compared to 4.0 percent for those with only a bachelor’s degree (BLS).

    • Employment in occupations that typically require a master’s degree will increase 22 percent by 2020, compared to 14 percent for those requiring only a bachelor’s degree (BLS).

    As much as a master’s degree matters today, it will matter even more once you earn your bachelor’s degree. Our 4+1 programs accelerate your studies, helping you prepare better for a future career.

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    Financial Benefits

    Students who enroll in a 4+1 program will be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate until they earn their bachelor’s degree. Because graduate classes during your senior year count toward both degrees, the setup of this program can result in significant cost savings for you.

    More specifically, you will save on graduate tuition for every master’s-level class you take during your senior year. If you take 12 credits (four classes) during that year, you will save more than $8,500 in graduate tuition.

    Because tuition rises slightly most years, these cost savings could be even more significant once you reach your senior year.

    To calculate master’s-level tuition rates, visit our Graduate Costs and Financial Aid page. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for any potential implications on your existing aid.

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    Participating Programs

    The class sequence to graduate within five years in our 4+1 program is pre-determined, and you can talk to your advisor about how to schedule your classes when that time comes.

    Accounting, BS, Energy Management, BS, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, BS, Finance, BS, General Management, BS, Human Resource Management, BS, Information Technology, BS, International Business, BS, Management Information Systems, BS, Marketing, BS, Supply Chain Management, BS, Exploratory Business, and MBA

    Our Accounting program gives you a balanced education, blending classroom experience with real-world expertise in a tech environment. The Finance BS prepares you for corporate and personal financial management, banking, insurance, investments, and other financial careers. As a Human Resources Management major you’ll learn about areas like job design, staffing, training, compensation, and performance appraisal. Our International Business program gives you a thorough understanding of global operations in today’s business environment. The Management Information Systems BS gives you the combined business, technical, and analytical skills employers want. Our Information Technology track prepares you for the field of information technology while also giving you a solid edge in business leadership. The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management track teaches techniques behind successfully starting and running business. Our General Management BS emphasizes how to evaluate ideas, take action, and organize other people to make plans work. The interdisciplinary Energy Management track introduces you to the global energy industry from perspectives such as geography, geoscience, and business. The Supply Chain Management BS shows how to keep business operations running smoothly and profitably. In our Marketing program you’ll learn to employ professional marketing industry practices and creative problem-solving in today's global economy. In Exploratory Business you’ll take stock of your options and opportunities by exploring majors such as accounting, management, marketing, finance, and information technology. Through our On-Campus MBA and Executive MBA options, you can reach your goals in a way that fits conveniently into your life, moving you ahead at a pace that works for you. 

    Chemistry, BS, Biochemistry, BS, Chemistry Education, BSEd, Preprofessional Natural Sciences, BS, and Applied and Industrial Chemistry, PSM

    Our Chemistry and Biochemistry BS programs have the power to give you meaningful employment immediately upon graduation, and also launch you into master’s and PhD programs. Teaching and science come together in our Chemistry BSEd program, preparing you to enrich young minds. And the BS program in natural sciences prepares students for admission to professional schools—chiropractic, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, pharmacy, and podiatry. Following that, the Professional Science Master’s program in Applied and Industrial Chemistry provides the skill set necessary for linking scientific operations with management decisions and marketing strategies. 

    Criminology, BA, Criminology Pre-law, BA, and Criminology, MA

    Develop your criminal justice skills and knowledge in our Criminology BA with a wide range of courses, from Juvenile Justice to Cybersecurity. Receive the academic preparation you’ll need for law school in our Criminology Pre-law BA, while also establishing qualifications for a career in criminal justice. By the time you earn your bachelor’s degree, you will be well on your way to become a leader in the criminal justice system, thanks to our Criminology MA, which can prepare you for a career in the field or help get you ready for possible doctoral studies.

    Early Childhood Education, BSEd and Literacy, MEd

    Our Early Childhood Education programs prepare you to become an effective teacher for all types of learners through eighth grade. Meanwhile, our MEd in Literacy is specifically designed to help current and aspiring teachers improve in literacy theories, research, and instructional practices. Combine both, and you get everything you need for a long and successful career.

    English Education, BSEd, Literature/Culture Track, BA, Writing Studies Track, BA, Pre-Law, BA, Middle Level Education/English Language Arts, BSEd, and English, MA

    Our English Education program provides specialized training for students who wish to teach English at the secondary level, and the Middle-Level Education program prepares you to teach grades 4–8 with a specialization in math, English/language arts, social studies, or science. Both the Literature/Culture track and the Writing Studies track let you design your degree around a focus that fits your interests and career goals. The English/Pre-Law track is a specialized program designed to help you develop the ability to deliver persuasive arguments and interpret complex legal documents. Master’s degrees in Composition and Literature, Literature, and TESOL are designed to further your career as an English teacher, writer, journalist, marketer, or publisher, or prepare you for a PhD. 

    Kinesiology, BSEd or BS, and Sport Science, MS

    Students in any kinesiology major except for Athletic Training can fast-track their master’s degree in Sport Studies, Sport Management or Exercise Science. Any of these tracks significantly increase your career chances in the vast field of sport science. Graduate assistantships and an a vast internship network ensure practical experience before you start your career.

    Mathematics Education, BSEd, Mathematics BSActuarial Mathematics, BS, Applied Mathematics, BS, Mathematics Education/Secondary Track, MEd, and Applied Mathematics, MS

    Our Mathematics Education BSEd program is highly regarded throughout the region and has a track record of graduating mathematics teachers who have excelled in their profession. Our Mathematics BS program prepares you for a professional career or for graduate studies in mathematics. The Actuarial Track gives you a thorough background to prepare you to pursue employment in the areas of insurance and investment. With an Applied Mathematics degree, you’re prepared for a career in financial forecasting, space systems, transportation, cryptography, construction, computer graphics, medicine, robotics, economics, statistical analysis, government, industry, or management science. The online Secondary Education track within our master’s degree in Math Education readies you to enter into leadership positions within your school district or prepare for PhD studies. And the Applied Mathematics graduate program provides you the skills to intern and work at high-profile companies and at many government agencies.  

    Special Education, BSEd and Literacy, MEd

    Use your Special Education major and teaching certification to help millions of children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities. Then, increase your teaching qualifications with a master’s degree in Literacy. A master’s degree will not just increase your salary, but is actually required to continue teaching after your first few years in most states.

    If your program of interest is not among the above, you can still take advantage of many benefits provided by our 4+1 program. During your junior year in college, you will become eligible for Early Admission to a wider range of master’s programs. You will have to apply to the program at that point, but can still take graduate classes during your senior year.

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    How do I indicate my interest in pursuing the 4+1?

    You need to do nothing right now! Students with an outstanding academic record who are admitted to relevant programs are automatically eligible for our 4+1 option. The threshold for students eligible to receive a 4+1 admission offer is a high school GPA of 3.25 or greater, as well as an SAT score greater than 1,000.

    Students admitted to the program will be able to discuss their continued eligibility, and next steps necessarily, with their faculty advisor. After completing your first 90 credit hours at IUP, you will receive an electronic form to fill out, which will confirm your interest in pursuing your master’s degree.

    Will my advisor know if I was offered 4+1 admission?

    Yes. If you have been admitted to the 4+1 program, your faculty advisor and the coordinator of the master’s program for which you will eventually enroll will be notified, and receive copies of your invitation to the 4+1 option. You can discuss your interest in the program and what classes to take with your advisor once you get to campus.

    What if I change my mind during my senior year, after starting graduate coursework?

    In that case, your progress towards earning a bachelor’s degree will not suffer. The graduate courses you take during your senior years are specifically designed to apply toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

    Prior to scheduling your senior-year classes, you will meet with both your undergraduate and graduate advisors to determine which classes meet these criteria. Once you complete your first graduate classes, you will be eligible to earn your bachelor’s degree even if you choose not to move forward.

    What is my tuition rate when I’m taking graduate course work as an undergraduate?

    IUP students are billed at their official “level.” Therefore, you will be billed at the undergraduate rate for any classes you complete before earning your bachelor’s degree. You will only be billed at the graduate rate once you are officially a graduate student, during your fifth and final year of study.

    This tuition structure can result in significant savings for you. If you take 12 credits (four classes) of master’s-level coursework during your senior year in college, you could save more than $8,500 in graduate tuition and fees!

    What if I want to change my major?

    The 4+1 option is designed for a specific course sequence that takes you through your bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. As a result, changing your major would nullify your 4+1 offer.

    However, IUP offers “Early Admission” to some master’s-level programs. Under this option, you may still be eligible to take graduate course work at the undergraduate level, which will apply to both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Learn more about our Early Admissions program.

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