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Seize the Moment in Supply Chain Management

Everybody's talking about the supply chain. It's been a topic of national conversation the past few years. Supply chain management is exploding with opportunities for someone like you—someone who knows how to seize the moment. 

Supply chain managers play a critical role in keeping the business world running smoothly. You'll make sure the right products and services get to the right places at the right time, and at the right price. You’ll learn how to keep businesses moving and profitable in the Supply Chain Management BS program at IUP.

This is an important field with tremendous influence. As a supply chain manager, you’ll lead efforts to improve productivity, standards of living, and sustainability for people around the globe.

What You’ll Learn

In IUP's supply chain management bachelor's degree program, you’ll gain a solid foundation in business in classes that include:

  • Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis
  • Business Logistics: Technical Analysis and Applications
  • Operations Management
  • Industrial Quality: Statistical Tools and Management
  • Information Systems

And you’ll take specialized courses covering topics such as:

  • Business analytics
  • Forecasting and demand management
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Procurement/purchasing/supplier management
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Statistics and quantitative modeling

You’ll learn both theory of supply chain management and how to apply it in the real world. And you’ll discover the role the global supply chain plays across industries.

Imagine Your Future

The reality is that business cannot be fully automated. Businesses need smart, engaged people like you managing the field.

Demand for supply chain professionals continues to grow. You’ll have plenty of internship and job placement opportunities in this stable, high-paying career. Your career can take you around the state, but also around the country and the world as demand grows across continents.

With the flexibility to work in almost any field, you can expect to find leadership roles in many industries, including: 

  • Distribution
  • Finance
  • Health care
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation

You’ll also be well-equipped to pursue project management, lean management, and sustainable operations jobs—the options are far-reaching.

Industries Looking for You

With a BS in Supply Chain Management, you’ll have flexibility to pursue careers in many different industries. Our alumni are paving the way for you to do incredible things. They’ve gone on to careers in some of the biggest players in the business world, including:

  • Consulting: Accenture, Deloitte, Kearney, KPMG, and others
  • Distribution: DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other third-party logistics providers
  • Manufacturing/IT: Apple, BMW, Google, Harley Davidson, HP, JLG, US Steel, East Penn Manufacturing, and others
  • Online retail: Amazon and others
  • Retail: Walmart, Amazon, Fastenal, Lowe's, Urban Outfitters, and many more
  • Procurement and Project Management: Bechtel

Entry-level logisticians with a bachelor's degree can anticipate:

Median pay in 2021:


Number of jobs in 2021:


Job outlook 2021–31:


Increase in jobs from 2021 to 2031:


Classes and Requirements

You’ll learn the nuances of managing the supply chain—along with the human side of the business world—and gain the critical skills you'll need to make decisions in the face of uncertainty.

You’ll take classes in supply chain modeling and analysis, quality management, and business logistics, so you can get the full picture of the industry. In both theory and hands-on, real-world education, you’ll focus on:

  • Capacity
  • Inventory
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Supply chain organization

Some other classes in the curriculum include:

  • Accounting Principles I and II
  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Full Academic Catalog Listing

The course catalog is the official reference for all our degree and course offerings. Check it out for a full listing of the classes available and requirements for this degree.

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August Bolinger

August Bolinger ’21, Management

I did not just learn about supply chain management; I learned how to be professional and ethical.

Association for Supply Chain Management

The Association for Supply Chain Management is a professional community of nearly 50,000 supply chain managers around the world. At IUP, you can join our very active student chapter and get opportunities to:

  • Network with professionals working in the field
  • Pursue internships
  • Gain certifications that will help you stand out on the job market
  • Be invited to hear compelling speakers

You'll also be able to compete in supply chain competitions, like the ASCM-Deloitte Case Study annual competition. These events are held regionally, nationally, and internationally, and IUP students go far—including top five at the international level!

4+1 and Early Admissions Program: MBA

You can earn your bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree in five years when you take advantage of IUP's 4+1 programs. 

When you enter a 4+1 program as a sophomore, you will be able to reserve a spot in your chosen master’s degree program. Just be sure to meet minimum requirements to continue in the program. 

A 4+1 program gives you more specialized knowledge for career advancement and lets you save on tuition costs, and you can complete your master’s degree in a shorter timeframe. 

See the requirements for the 4+1 Program.