In the Eberly College of Business Journal Office, we edit two journals: Journal of Competitiveness Studies and the Competition Forum.

Journal Office Photo - 1About Journal of Competitiveness Studies

The Journal of Competitiveness Studies is an interdisciplinary blind peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the competitive positioning of firms in the global market and on national competitiveness in a changing global business environment. The journal combines conceptual analysis and normative considerations in order to shape the discourse on competitiveness in scholarly and policy circles.

Articles in JCS deal with pressing questions of competitiveness that are of interest to scholars and practitioners. They cover a broad range of subjects, from organizational performance and economic growth to sociological and historical aspects. Contributors with interdisciplinary perspectives and those who have an interest in international competitiveness are encouraged to send their contributions.

About Competition ForumJournal Office Photo - 2

Competition Forum is a leading scholarly outlet focusing on business competition in the global marketplace. It provides a forum for understanding the nature of competition, global interdependence and connectivity, and the essence of competing on a global scale. In addition, CF presents original articles on a wide range of subjects related to business conduct and operations within and across nations. Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome. Papers written by emerging scholars are encouraged. All papers submitted should be original and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts are subject to double-blind peer review.

Primarily, CF focuses on broadening the understanding of the nature of the marketplace in a globalized economy where complex actors respond simultaneously and instantaneously to market signals, thereby widening the arena of competition without limiting organizational goals to mere simple profit. That is, business organizations should purposefully engage in activities which ultimately optimize their long-term achievements and strengthen their capacity for renewal and growth. Accordingly, CF seeks to enhance firms' abilities to sustain their market long-term vitality, while effectively serving their stakeholders.

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American Society for Competitiveness

The American Society for Competitiveness is a national association of academics, business executives, and public policy makers who share a commitment to improving competitiveness at the individual, firm, industry, country, region and global levels.