Internships offer career exploration opportunities in a variety of fields and provide hands-on experience. Students who complete internships are more marketable and may sometimes find that the internship leads to a permanent job.

A student intern also has the chance to develop good references and has the opportunity for networking. These work experiences are closely monitored by university supervisors who consult with on-site supervisors. Students may, depending on the major, earn three, six, nine, or twelve academic credits for their internship experience.


Students, together with faculty members supervising internships, are requested to initiate the below application and have it processed through the approvals as early as possible. Internships can only commence after the full approval process is complete and credit cannot be granted after the fact.

In addition, “for academic credit” student internships are not allowed within organizations owned or managed, fully or in part, by family relatives nor can internship positions be supervised, directly or indirectly, by family members due to conflict of interest in providing a formal assessment.  

If your internship is not for credit, you will not pay tuition or fees for the internship hours, and faculty supervision will not be required. An uncredited internship will not appear on transcripts. However, the experience can be listed on resumes.

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