Each year, IUP confers the title “Emeritus” on qualified retired faculty and academic administrators who have been recommended through a university or department-based process. The Emeritus status is an honor conferred by the university to show respect for a distinguished career.

Eberly College of Business is proud to honor to following individuals who have earned respectfully earned Emeritus status:

Dean and Associate Dean Emeriti

Dr. Robert C. Camp, Dean

Dr. Elwood B. Sheeder, Dean

Dr. Cynthia L. Strittmatter, Associate Dean

Faculty Emeriti

Dr. Willam Dennis Ames

Dr. Charlene Bebko

Dr. Joseph A Bianco

Dr. Robert Boldin

Dr. Maryanne Brandenburg

Dr. Charles L. Cooper

Dr. Thomas Falcone

Dr. Nicholas Karatjas

Dr. Germain Kline

Dr. Donald C. Mahan

Dr. Arthur H. Martel

Dr. Bernard A. Moreau

Dr. Wayne A. Moore

Mrs. Ruth Morris

Dr. John A Polesky

Dr. Williard A. Radell

Dr. Terry T. Ray

Mr. Donald J. Robbins

Dr. Richard D. Rowell

Dr. Kenneth L. Shildt

Mr. Ronald E. Simkins

Dr. Sharon D. Steigmann

Dr. Frances C. Stineman

Colonel Charles B. Stevenson

Dr. Robert J. Stonebraker

Mr. Robert S. Strock

Dr. Dennis D. Tiger

Dr. Martha A. Troxell

Dr. Donald A. Walker

Dr. Ronald M. Weiers

Dr. Joette Wisnieski 

Mr. Allen M. Woods


Special Note: Years have passed, but we still wish to honor ALL of our Eberly emeriti. If you believe you have an addition or correction for you or your loved one, please contact amycook@iup.edu