The Eberly College of Business offers a highly selective honors program encompassing a 21-credit course load. The program provides students with increased challenges and unique learning experiences. An integrated mix of curricula, independent research, leadership opportunities, and student/faculty interaction are included.

The program objectives are to:

  • Maximize the development of students
  • Encourage students who aspire to leadership roles
  • Capitalize on potential for students who seek admission to graduate or professional schools

The program offers a variety of benefits:

  • Honors-designated coursework
  • Small class size
  • Faculty/executive mentorship
  • Participation in Eberly Business Honors special events

Consideration for admission to the program includes evaluation of student's SAT/ACT scores, high school transcript and GPA, class rank, extracurricular involvement, awards, and letters of recommendation from high school teachers. Program participants are offered a variety of benefits, including honors-designated coursework, small class size, priority enrollment in business honors courses, faculty/executive mentorship, and participation in Eberly Business Honors special events. Students must maintain a 3.25 CGPA to remain in the program.

Summary of Coursework

Program Description

Business Honors Application

For information, please contact:

JoAnne Britcher, Management Tech
Eberly Business Honors Program
MBA and Business PhD Programs
Eberly College, Room 203
Phone: 724-357-4841