Faculty Feature Articles

Martha Ann Armstrong

Leading parallel careers as an IUP business professor and an accountant, Martha Ann Armstrong practices what she preaches.From “out in the sticks” nine miles from Punxsutawney, Armstrong found two jobs that complement each other and fit her practical personality.After graduating

Ibrahim Affaneh

“I find education to be a major component and the major requirement in life. You have education, you can do anything else.”

Prashanth Bharadwaj

He dreams of globalizing IUP to the extent that it becomes known as “International University of Pennsylvania.”

Geoffrey Tickell

An Australian at heart, Dr. Geoffrey Tickell joined IUP’s Accounting Department in 2006 after a teaching career in the land down under.

Joette Wisnieski

As she sits in Eberly 308L, Dr. Joette Wisnieski helps students with their advising with a smile on her face, her curly hair akin to her bubbly personality.

Sekhar Anantharaman

IUP Accounting professor Dr. Sekhar Anantharaman’s academic career did not begin in his current field. A competitive entrance exam in his home country of India to get into engineering school started it off. After deciding he didn’t want to become an engineer, he looked around for other possibilities, and he found accounting.

Ramesh Soni

A man who loves to involve himself in service, Dr. Ramesh Soni of the Management Department has served on most, if not all, universitywide committees over the years.

Maali Ashamalla

She’s from the world. She was born, raised and partially educated in Egypt, lives and works in the United States and has travelled to about 44 countries. Dr. Maali Ashamalla, of the Management Department, holds three master’s in different areas of management.

Madan Batra

Most college students at 20 years of age wouldn’t think about stepping in front of a class and teaching, but Dr. Madan Batra did.

John Orife

Students will never see Dr. John Orife in the classroom in anything but a suit because he takes it upon himself to be a role model of what it is like in the business world. 

Azad Ali

“My teaching philosophy is to put the students at the center stage. Because it is all about the students. Students make the difference. The students make me want to be at this job.”

Wayne Moore

What he thought would be a stint of five years or less turned into a career of 24 years and counting. 

Wm. Dennis Ames

This is Dr. Wm. Dennis Ames’ 62nd semester as an IUP professor.

Kim Anderson

An accounting career that began at the age of 21 has grown and developed over the years. Now in her 21st year at IUP, Kim Anderson says that mentoring students and helping them with resume writing, interviewing, and landing a job are very rewarding to her.

Robert Boldin

“When you find an organization that you enjoy being associated with and have colleagues that you can effectively work with, that’s like money in the bank.”

Abbas Ali

A published writer of more than 200 articles and columns says he is still “trying to be a writer.”

Krish Krishnan

“I worked in chemical engineering for a couple of years. Then I got bored.”

William McPherson

He’s firm. He’s fair. He’s flexible. He’s funny. And he challenges you to go to RateMyProfessor.com and see what students say about him.

Richard Hoover

A law school graduate with dreams of working in the entertainment industry, but who instead ended up living in Romania and raising millions of dollars in investments with a friend he says was closer than a brother.

Martha Troxell

China, Scotland, Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, Antarctica. All of them have been visited by Dr. Martha Troxell of the Finance and Legal Studies Department.

Stephen Osborne

Retired from the corporate world, but not from work, native Pittsburgher Stephen Osborne began his academic career at the university where he plans to stay until his “second retirement.”

Parimal Bhagat

Papers on the desk, books on shelves, two computer monitors, and landscapes on his walls await anyone who walks into Eberly 402A, the office of Dr. Parimal Bhagat, the Marketing Department chair.