If you are traveling internationally as a representative of IUP and the Eberly College of Business (e.g., conference attendee, invited speaker, recruiter, or instructor), or if you are traveling internationally with university property, the following is required.

Submit by College Deadline:

  • Eberly RFP (Applies to Professional Development Travel)
  • Note: Trip insurance is not an allowable expense.

Submit Three Months Prior to Travel

  • Passport
  • Visa

Submit Three Weeks Prior to Travel


International Travel Questionnaire

Export License Exception (TMP) Certification (applies to university-owned equipment)

Export License Exception (BAG) Certification (applies to personal equipment)

Specially Designated Nationals Review

Travel Information Form

  • Specific information regarding departure date(s), conference date(s), return date(s), and conference location.


  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
    • We strongly recommend that everyone going overseas enroll in the Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). It's free and easy to use. Travelers supply their travel information (flights, hotels/accommodations, and contact information), and, in turn, they will be notified by e-mail blast, phone, or text message of any issues (natural or man-made) that may arise. In the worst cases, STEP arranges for evacuation from the affected country (costs are borne by the individual, not the government).

As Applies:

Submit Two Weeks After Returning

  • Travel Voucher
    • Submit to departmental secretary for review, and to obtain the signature of the departmental chairperson
      Travel Expense Voucher
  • Conference Evidence Document (include with travel voucher)