PES students in front of Eberly College at IUPPES-IUP Partnership

PES University and IUP have collaborated since 2005 to offer both the MBA and BBM/BS in Business degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The program provides an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their careers by helping them gain knowledge and skills in various aspects of business management. The program incorporates a unique modular design and a combination of lecture sessions and industry interactions.

The program offers the opportunity for students to start their MBA or BBM in India and complete it at IUP in the US, combining the cost/value advantages of studying in India with the global exposure and the opportunities of studying and working in the US.

Nearly 1,000 students have graduated as part of this partnership, and a large percentage of them currently live in the US. Many are successful entrepreneurs, and numerous alumni are working for corporations such as Google, Apple, Fiat-Chrysler, BMW, Citi, JP Morgan Chase, GE, and many more.

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Dr. Prashanth N. Bharadwaj, Dean's Associate
IUP-India Program Director
Eberly College of Business and IT, IUP
Indiana, PA 15705, USA (

Divyashree Ravishankar, Associate Director
PESIT South Campus, Pixcel Park B 11th floor
Bangalore - 560100
Tel: +91 80 66186402/403/+91 8453536991 (