Learning Environment

  • To provide a learning environment which promotes the value of learning as a tool in a lifelong process of growth and improvement
  • To provide a learning environment which promotes the acquisition of skills and knowledge that enhance prospects for successful careers in a highly technical and highly integrated global business
  • To provide a learning environment with a moderate student-faculty ratio in order to provide extensive opportunities for a student-faculty interaction in a truly student-centered learning environment
  • To provide a learning environment where academically qualified faculty members with real-world experience are responsible for all instruction. No instruction will be carried out by graduate assistants.

Learning Foundations

  • To provide students sound training in the liberal arts and sciences in order to give them the breadth of knowledge and perspective required to function successfully in the contemporary world
  • To provide students with an understanding of the business enterprise and the environment in which the business operates
  • To provide students opportunities for specialized training in the functional and service areas of business as a means of enhancing their career prospects


  • To prepare students to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information as a part of managerial decision making
  • To prepare students with strong interpersonal communication skills
  • To prepare students who understand the importance of information technology as it affects an organization's competitive posture


  • To expose students to crosscultural knowledge as a means of preparing them for a highly competitive global business community
  • To expose students to issues of social responsibility and ethics in order to enhance their development of a sensitivity to such issues
  • To expose students to a diverse student body and faculty in order to enhance their ability to interact effectively with people unlike themselves


  • To provide opportunities for students to experience leadership roles both inside and outside the classroom


  • To provide continuing educational and consultative support to the regional business community

Intellectual Growth

  • To provide direction, encouragement, support and recognition for the scholarly growth of faculty


  • We strive for excellence. We are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.