Further questions about an Eberly internship can be directed to Maureen Bash, Suite 301 Eberly. She can be reached at 724-357-3820 (phone) or at mbash@iup.edu

Am I qualified to participate in an internship?

When can I complete an internship?

How many credits will my internship be?

You can do an internship in multiples of three credits. Internships are available for three, six, nine, or twelve credits. Some variation exists at the departmental level.

Am I allowed to take an internship for no credit?

There are no zero-credit internships. You must register for credits when you register for an internship.

Some students choose to accept and complete internships on their own, without approval from the Eberly College of Business. In this case, no credits are earned. If you choose to complete an internship in this manner, it will not be shown on your transcript. This internship would be for personal experience.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

Internships may be paid or unpaid. When selecting an internship site, your primary criterion for screening a site should be the quality of the learning experience.

How long does it take to get an internship?

The time it takes to find and be chosen for a suitable internship varies by student. You should try to locate an internship site the semester before you plan to do the internship. If you are looking for a fall internship, you should make arrangements the previous spring or summer. If you are looking for a spring internship, you should begin preparations in the previous fall. If you are seeking a summer internship, you should make arrangements in the spring.

How much work am I responsible for during an internship?

Forty hours of work must be completed for every credit hour. For a three-credit internship, 120 hours of work in the major area must be completed; for a six-credit internship, 240 hours; for a nine-credit internship, 360 hours; and for a twelve-credit internship, 480 hours. Some variation may exist at the departmental level.

How can I prepare for an internship experience?