What is an Eberly internship?

An internship offered through the Eberly College of Business is an educational plan which applies classroom learning to a practical experience in an industrial, business, government, or community service work environment. It allows students to translate academic principles into action, to test their career interests, and to develop skills and abilities related to the degree they are seeking. Through carefully planned and supervised programs, students may earn up to 12 academic credits toward their degree.

What are the benefits of an Eberly internship?

For students, an Eberly internship:

  • Offers career exploration opportunities in a variety of fields
  • Provides a hands-on experience
  • Strengthens marketability
  • May present an opportunity for compensation
  • May lead to a permanent position
  • Presents the chance to develop good references
  • Provides an opportunity for networking

For employers, an Eberly internship:

  • Provides a year-round source of highly motivated professionals, often with specialized training
  • Supplies staff for short-term projects or long-term ongoing operations
  • Presents a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the traditional employee
  • Allows a chance to preview the performance of strong candidates for future employment in a variety of positions