Extracted from two of the three modules of the Pennsylvania Enhanced Driver Education Program Guide, the resources provided on this page include updated PowerPoint presentations of the seven sessions of the Perceptual Driving Curriculum (Module III PA Enhanced E.P.G.).

The updates include illustrative animations, embedded videos for the training sessions updated statistics, and links to web-based resources. Also included are corresponding manuals for instructors and students.

The Stop, Think, and Go Decision Making Process sessions (Module II PA Enhanced E.P.G.) include training presentations and guides for instructors and students, as well as activities and matching worksheets.

Also included is the Working with Your Teen Driver Mentor/ Parent Driver Program. These materials are suitable for parents or other mentors training their novice driver. The objective of making this information available to the mentor/parent is to allow them to become familiar with perceptual driving, the standards for behind-the-wheel practices, and driving environments and to be able to use these established driver education methods and orderly routines when involved with their novice teen drivers. Available with this segment are PDF versions of the slideshow and manuals. These may also be used by classroom and behind-the-wheel instructors or safety program personnel.

Three groups of materials

  • PowerPoint presentations and shows: Will download and open in the computer application of PowerPoint. When projecting or using multiple screens, show in presenter view to allow the availability of the speaker notes.

  • This method also allows the control to hide slides, and modify them slightly by updating statistics or adding links, videos, or slides that the instructor may already use in lessons.

  • All animations and videos are available with these version versions.

PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations

  • These do not contain the working videos or animations of the PowerPoints but do have live links to listed videos and references.

  • Speaker narration notes are available in these.

  • They can be presented by download, sharing, projecting, print, or whatever means suitable.


  • These are in PDF formats that mirror each section of each series in the modules.

II. NDSP Program/PDE Enhanced Driving Curriculum

1. Stop, Think, and Go Decision Making Process

A. STG A Instructor Training Materials

B. STG B Student Model Training Materials

C. STG C Activities

2. Perceptual Driving Curriculum (ppt. Shows)

A. Session 1 Perception, Protection, and Distraction

B. Session 2 Identifying Warnings and Regulations

C. Session 3 Identifying Highway Conditions

D. Session 4 Vehicle Clues and Other Users

E. Session 5 Identifying All Groups

F. Session 6 Identifying Conflict Probabilities

G. Session 7 Problem Response

H. Perceptual Manuals

3. Mentor/Parent Driver-Working with Your Teen Driver Lesson

I. Traffic Laws/Graduated Driver License and Risk Reduction (ppt)

II. Pre-Entry Procedures (ppt)

III. Entry and Pre-Drive Procedures (ppt)

IV. Perceptual Driving for Mentors/Parents (ppt)

V. Starting and Moving Procedures and Skills (ppt)

VI. Residential Driving Environment (ppt)

VII. Open Highway Driving Environment (ppt)

VIII. Expressway Driving Environment (ppt)

IX. Rural Driving Environment (ppt)

X. A Suburban and Urban Driving Environment (ppt)

XI. Part A Right of Way (ppt)

X11. Adverse Conditions

XIII. Emergency Situations

Mentor/Parent Driving Lessons for Driving Environments (pdf)