Book Recommendation: The Big Book of Science Fiction

Looking for a good book to read? Michael Williamson, a professor in IUP’s Department of English, recommends one that will give you a deep dive into science fiction.

STEAMSHOP: Expanding the Limits of Creativity

In IUP’s STEAMSHOP inside Robertshaw, students from all academic disciplines have the opportunity to use technology to create objects that would otherwise seem impossible to make. Learn more about what happens there in this video.

Justin Fair on Chemical Bonds—Meet Our Faculty

As a child, Justin Fair learned that chemistry has many practical applications, including in national defense. He used his knowledge to serve his country. Now he shares that expertise with students. Learn more in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

CANCELED: Peking Acrobats Take the Stage at IUP

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Peking Acrobats performance has been canceled due to a delay in the performers receiving their travel documents.

Unearthing Untold Stories: Team Researches Early Multiethnic Settlement near Johnstown

Students and faculty members from the anthropology, history, and geography areas teamed up to uncover the story of an early multiethnic settlement near Johnstown. Read more about this model for future projects that will benefit both communities and developing researchers.

Book Recommendation: We Were the Lucky Ones

Looking for a good book to read? Tiffany Potts, the director of IUP’s Office of Financial Aid, suggests a tale about a family of Holocaust survivors.

Lydia Rodríguez on the Best of Both Worlds—Meet Our Faculty

She probably had no way of knowing it at the time, but Lydia Rodríguez’s childhood set her up for the career she now has. Learn more about this Department of Foreign Languages professor in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

Book Recommendation: Body Work: The Radical Power of Personal Narrative

Looking for a good book to read? Chauna Craig, the director of IUP’s Cook Honors College, suggests the most recent work from Melissa Febos.

Q&A: Debra Fitzsimons, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Every day, Debra Fitzsimons puts out fires. Not literally. But as IUP’s vice president for Administration and Finance, she is in charge of a variety of areas, from HR and the budget to police and facilities. Get to know her in this Q&A.

Six O’Clock Series Continues Charge to Create Lifelong Learners

Since its start in the ’70s, this series has aimed to inform students about the world around them and to prepare them for life after graduation. See how the tradition continues with the topics offered this spring.

Book Recommendation: Hunt, Gather, Parent

Looking for a good read? Distinguished University Professor Ben Ford (Anthropology Department) suggests one that he calls “the most useful parenting book” he’s read.

Alida Merlo on Learning by Teaching—Meet Our Faculty

Alida Merlo’s first job was as a juvenile probation officer, but her thirst to know more led her to a career teaching criminology at IUP. Learn more about the 2020-21 Distinguished University Professor in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

Book Recommendation: In the Lives of Puppets

Looking for a good book to pick up? IUP faculty member Erika Frenzel has one that blends science fiction, Pinocchio, and an LGBTQ+ love story.

Zach Collins on the Steady Climb to Proficiency—Meet Our Faculty

Zach Collins knows that nobody picks up an instrument for the first time and is a virtuoso. It takes time and consistent effort, and that’s what he enjoys about teaching. Learn about him in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

Book Recommendation: We Are Okay

Looking for a good book? Tedd Cogar from Student Affairs recommends one about the longing for community that many young people, from all backgrounds, deal with.

Honoring Veterans—Serving Those Who Served

In recognition of Veterans Day, learn about an IUP center dedicated to helping military-affiliated students achieve their academic goals and about monuments across campus that honor veterans from World War I to the Vietnam War to Operation Iraqi Freedom.