A Look Back at a Year of Stories

From IUP's first Black professor to alumni working in the outdoors and faculty and students digging for dinosaur bones, here's a look back at some of the stories that show some of the many great things––and great people––at IUP.

Book Recommendation: Fish!

Looking to pick up a good book about improving morale in your workplace? Anna Shively, an assistant director of Human Resources, has a suggestion.

From IUP to the Ivy League

This fall, Caio Gomes, who will graduate from IUP next week, will head to law school at Yale University. If you ask him the secret to his success, he will say IUP played a key part in it.

Kacey Cowburn on Making an Impact: Meet Our Faculty

As a speech-language pathologist, Kacey Cowburn knew she could help people. But by becoming a faculty member, she extended her reach well beyond what it was before. Learn more about her in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

Book Recommendation: Joy, Inc.

Looking for a good book to pick up? Kelly Heider, the Acting Assistant Vice Provost for University Libraries, suggests one about keeping joy in the workplace.

Q&A: Donovan Daniel, Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development

As assistant director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development, Donovan Daniel guides students and organizations, he leads workshops and conferences—all to help students get involved and grow as leaders. Find out where he gets his inspiration in this Q&A.

Jeff Larkin on Finding a Career in Nature—Meet Our Faculty

A summer job in college turned out to be more than a way for Jeff Larkin to earn some cash. It introduced him to a career in conservation biology. Learn more about him in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

Book Recommendation: Motel of the Mysteries

Looking for a good book to read? Scott Moore, a faculty member in the Department of History, suggests a humorous one that led him to change his major in college.

‘These Are My People’

When Eric Buzzelli met IUP faculty member Jonathan Warnock, he found someone who could help guide his career, thanks to a shared love of digging for dinosaurs.

Crystal Machado on Being Picked to Teach—Meet Our Faculty

At first, Crystal Machado thought she should avoid teaching and should study business. But soon after earning her first college degree, she started listening to the voices that said otherwise. Learn more in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.

Q&A: Miko Rose, Founding Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Miko Rose, the founding dean of IUP's proposed college of osteopathic medicine, never dreamed about being a doctor. But in her "second career," she’s making a difference in the lives of patients and the physicians providing their medical care.

Book Recommendation: Cloud by Day

Looking for a good book to read? Emily Briggs, one of IUP’s Navigators, suggests one about the lives of coal miners in the early 1900s in western Pennsylvania.

Book Recommendation: Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Looking for a good book? Noreen Herlihy, head coach of the IUP women’s soccer team, suggests a World War II drama that will leave you pondering the cost of war.

Focusing on His Future

Coming to IUP has helped student photographer Cameron Horning figure out a path to a career in sports. Learn more about him in this multimedia story, and see highlights of his work documenting the seasons of the Crimson Hawks.

A Bond beyond Basketball

When Bryce Radford heard that his former coach needed a player to give the IUP men’s basketball team a lift, he didn’t have to think long about coming back to IUP.

Veronica Paz on the Language of Business—Meet Our Faculty

For Veronica Paz, accounting is more than numbers at the bottom of a ledger. It’s a language that explains in great detail what happened and why. Learn more about her in this installment of Meet Our Faculty.