Tony DiMauro on Solving Problems through Design—Meet Our Faculty

For Tony DiMauro, a faculty member in the Department of Art and Design, the graphic design field is about solving problems so clients can achieve their goals. For him, it’s like solving a puzzle, and he loves it.

Nicole Buse on Bringing People Together—Meet Our Faculty

As a child, Nicole Buse watched her father, a restaurant manager, closely. She saw how people come together in restaurants, and she knew it was more than a career she wanted to pursue. It was a lifestyle.

Emily Wender on Teaching Teachers the Power of Words—Meet Our Faculty

Emily Wender believes in the power of reading. She knows how words and language can help bring people together, and that’s what inspires her to teach the next generation of English teachers.

Researching Caffeine Levels in Coffee with U-SOAR

How does roasting coffee change its caffeine level? Senior Isabelle Clayton used a U-SOAR research award to find out.

Andrew Nutter on Culinary Arts—Meet Our Faculty

Chef Andrew Nutter encourages his students at the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts to immerse themselves in food. With a career spent in some of the best kitchens in America, Nutter knows what it takes to be a success.

Stephen Shiring on the Hospitality Industry—Meet Our Faculty

Stephen Shiring says one of the best things about his job is helping IUP students land their dream job in the hospitality industry. It happens a lot for students in IUP’s Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management program.

Bringing New Zealand Composers to the World

Music professor Henry Wong Doe has premiered compositions from New Zealand, his native country, around the world. His latest project, Perspectives, commissioned six New Zealand composers to write short piano pieces reflecting their experiences through the pandemic.

Sharon Massey on Jewelry and Metals—Meet Our Faculty

When Sharon Massey was a student in middle school, she had an art teacher whose passion was obvious, and it led her to a career as a faculty member in IUP’s Department of Art and Design.

Discovering New Species in Central America

Students join faculty in the field by traveling to Honduras to find new species of animals while honoring local populations and their customs. It’s a project that has led to the discovery of more than 20 new species.

Calvin Masilela on Regional Planning—Meet Our Faculty

A curiosity about how cultures change and how people adapt as cities grow led Calvin Masilela to study geography in college. Now a professor at IUP, he is able to share his expertise in regional planning with his students.

Pacific Rim Earthquakes in 10 Minutes

An earthquake on one side of the world has the potential for catastrophic effects on the other. Learn the basics of Pacific Rim earthquakes in 10 minutes with Jon Lewis, professor in IUP’s Department of Geography, Geology, Environment, and Planning.

Aleea Perry on Public Administration—Meet Our Faculty

An internship at a state agency got Aleea Perry hooked on the power of policy and public administration.

A Mentor for Life

When Rachel Pettiford met Malaika Turner, she knew she had found someone who would change her life. The two forged a bond as mentor and mentee that grew into a bond as colleagues. Learn about their connection in this video.

Meet Our Faculty: Nate McElroy on Chemistry

Get to know a little about Nate McElroy, a professor in IUP’s Madia Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Engineering.

“Almost like a Miracle”: Title IX Transforms IUP Women’s Sports

Title IX transformed women’s sports at IUP—from low-budget programs that sold baked goods to survive to the championship-caliber teams and athletes of today. Read about the evolution of sports in the half-century since this groundbreaking law was passed.

Voices of Experience: Black Alumni Helping Black Students

Black alumni spanning several decades at IUP are working with the university to help current Black students succeed. See what the Black Experience Alumni Committee, known as BEAC, has planned.