Book Recommendation: We Were the Lucky Ones

Looking for a good book to read? Tiffany Potts, the director of IUP’s Office of Financial Aid, suggests a tale about a family of Holocaust survivors.

Book Recommendation: Body Work: The Radical Power of Personal Narrative

Looking for a good book to read? Chauna Craig, the director of IUP’s Cook Honors College, suggests the most recent work from Melissa Febos.

Book Recommendation: Hunt, Gather, Parent

Looking for a good read? Distinguished University Professor Ben Ford (Anthropology Department) suggests one that he calls “the most useful parenting book” he’s read.

Book Recommendation: In the Lives of Puppets

Looking for a good book to pick up? IUP faculty member Erika Frenzel has one that blends science fiction, Pinocchio, and an LGBTQ+ love story.

Book Recommendation: We Are Okay

Looking for a good book? Tedd Cogar from Student Affairs recommends one about the longing for community that many young people, from all backgrounds, deal with.

Book Recommendation: The Harry Potter Series

Looking for a good book to pick up? Erin Conlin, associate professor of history, recommends a series of novels that will help you escape the tension of daily life.

Book Recommendation: John Adams

Looking for a good book? IUP web developer Eric Pinkerton recommends a biography of our nation’s second president, a man whose success was built on relationships.

Book Recommendation: Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds

Looking for a good book to dig into? Anthropology faculty member Abigail Adams has one about the background and impacts of the 2014 West African Ebola Virus.

Book Recommendation: The Time Machine

Looking for a good read? Harrison Wick, IUP’s Special Collections librarian and university archivist, has a classic that was ahead of its time.

Book Recommendation: Living with Grief

Megan McCue of the University College recommends a book about dealing with the death of a loved one, using the experiences of hospice nurses as sources for guidance.