The more Arnold Ivey learned about food and cooking, the more he wanted to learn. That’s how he became an in-demand chef who has opened multiple restaurants that feature menus based on his recipes and techniques.

It even helped him land a spot on a popular competitive cooking show.

Ivey, a native of the state of Indiana, came to the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts because he wanted to learn what it took to go from being a cook to a chef, and he gained much more than that. He met chef instructors who inspired him and showed him the possibilities available in the culinary world.

Ivey took what he gained at the culinary academy and launched a career that has seen him rise to executive chef, owner of a line of spices and rubs, and a 2020 participant on Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network. He’s now executive chef at the Iron Rock Tap House in Greensburg.

“No matter how beautiful a dish I create, I never gauge my success on that,” he said. “I gauge my success on a dish I’ve created on how a guest feels about that dish.”