The Funded Grant

In academic year 2022–23, IUP received funds in a competitive program, NCAE-C in Cybersecurity Education Research Innovation 2022, that is supported by the National Security Agency to conduct a novel multi-year research project focusing on risk mitigation in zero-trust environments.

Project Description

The title of the funded project is “Innovative Autonomous Risk Detection and Mitigation Powered by Collaborative Machine Learning for Zero-trust Systems.” Its main goal is to develop a new system for automated detection and mitigation of cyber risks to improve the security of computer systems in zero-trust environments. This project introduces a novel framework that uses state-of-the-art collaborative machine learning techniques to develop a suite of adaptive solutions capable of detecting, responding, and mitigating various cyberattacks on networked systems. See the figure at right for the architecture of the proposed collaborative machine learning model to be implemented in this project.

Architecture of machine learning diagram

Project Outcomes

We are currently working on the literature review phase in the following five areas. Additional progress will be posted soon:

  • Securing zero-trust networked systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Optimal (near optimal) risk detection procedures
  • Automated risk response
  • Applying collaborative machine learning to build autonomous risk mitigation systems

Project Meetings and Documents