Scholarship Recipients

In the academic year 2018-19, IUP was awarded a significant grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Scholarship Program, currently named the Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP), to provide full-ride scholarships to the following three students:

  1. Rebecca George,
  2. James Lutz, and
  3. Daniel Richmond.

For information about the IUP DoD Scholarship Program and all of its current and previous activities, please see the project main page.

To fill the need of capable cybersecurity professionals, the DoD sought rising junior and senior (third- and fourth-year) undergraduate and graduate/doctoral students who were interested in full-ride scholarships for concentrated studies in cybersecurity.

Students selected for the program received full scholarships including the cost of books and a yearly stipend. This required the student to agree to serve one year of service to the DoD, upon graduation, for each year of scholarship received.

Informational Session

An informational session for all interested students was held in January 2018. During this session, students were given complete information on application instructions and scholarship requirements.


Project Meetings and Documents

Waleed Farag, the project director, along with the Co-PIs and all student scholarship recipients held regular face-to-face meetings throughout the academic year 2018-19. In these meetings, we discussed progress, addressed and resolved any concerns or challenges that any of the awardees may face, and ensured success in completing their degrees and compliance with the terms and conditions for the DoD scholarship award.

Listed below are meeting documents for the 2018-19 DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Please contact the program director, Dr. Waleed Farag, at with any questions.