DoD Cyber Scholarship Program

The Funded Grant

Under the leadership of the project's principal investigator, Waleed Farag, IUP, along with a selected group of national universities, has been awarded funding since 2018 from the Department of Defense in support of the Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP).

Project Summary

This project has introduced a systematic program designed to effectively recruit qualified and high-achieving students who are enrolled in our cybersecurity program of study as candidates to the CySP. Selected candidates for this scholarship will receive full support, including a generous annual stipend, a waiver for tuition and all fees, books, laptop, and other benefits. Please see below information about current and previous cycles including awarded students, ongoing mentoring program, and other details.

2022-23 Application Cycle

If you are interested in pursuing this full-ride scholarship to support your study in cybersecurity and related fields, the Department of Defense seeks scholarship applications from rising junior and senior (third- and fourth-year) undergraduate and master/doctoral students for the 2022-23 academic year. Information about the 2022-23 application cycle is given below.

Informational Session for 2022–23 Cycle

An online informational session to explain the scholarship and answer all your questions was held on December 2, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. 


  • Full cost of tuition and all fees provided for 2022-23 academic year.
  • A $27,000 stipend for undergraduate students to cover room and board.
  • A $32,000 stipend for graduate (master's/PhD) students to cover room and board.
  • Covering the cost of all required books (up to $1,250 a year).
  • A laptop (up to $1,500).

Basic Requirements

  • Applicant must have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 (undergraduate) and 3.5 (graduate) for the duration of the academic year.
  • Applicant must be entering junior or senior year or a graduate program in fall 2022.
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • By accepting the scholarship, the applicant agrees to work for the DoD as a civilian for one year for each year of scholarship received.


 Download the CySP 2022-23 cycle flyer

How to Apply

The student application deadline was Feb. 1, 2022.
  1. Make sure you satisfy all the basic requirements listed above.

  2. Read the scholarship application requirements carefully and in its entirety to be fully familiar with the program.

  3. Read the detailed student application preparation instructions thoroughly and make sure you comply with all directions.

  4. NEW applicants must carefully read and follow the directions in the quick start guide. Applications must be filled out entirely and include the required additional materials.

  5. Download snapshots and demo of the Application Tool discussed during the December 2 informational session.
  6. If you are a returning student (one who is currently an awardee and would like to apply to renew the scholarship for another year), please download and complete the returning student application.

  7. Applications and questions should be submitted to Dr. Farag. See contact info below.


Waleed Farag, PhD
Director of the IUP Institute for Cybersecurity
Stright Hall 334
210 S. 10th St.
Indiana, PA 15705