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The PC4A team is working tirelessly to reach our objectives.  Check back regularly for updated achievements and reached milestones!

Year Two Accomplishments (through December 2023)

  • 300+ virtual lab vouchers purchased and distributed to partner students
  • Six certification prep workshops offered to 64 participants
  • Two faculty development workshops planned for spring 2024
  • Technical tutors hired at two partner schools, and 90 hours of technical tutoring provided to students
  • Six paid internships completed by students, who worked over a total of 300 hours
  • Over 100 scholarships awarded to students in targeted programs
  • Over 10 outreach events were hosted/attended to strengthen K-12 and DoD relationships
  • 10 courses updated or added to STEM curriculum at partner community colleges

Year One Accomplishments (September 2022–September 2023)

  • 89 scholarships awarded to students in targeted programs
  • 19 paid internships completed by partner students
  • Over 400 virtual lab/textbook vouchers distributed
  • Five faculty development workshops offered to partner faculty, with 25 total faculty trained in cybersecurity topics
  • Five certifications earned/renewed by partner faculty
  • Nine certification prep workshops offered to 56 participants, and 15 certifications earned by students
  • Over 700 hours of technical tutoring offered to students
  • 45 notable events attended or held by PC4A partners and lead organization


The PC4A Project is proudly funded by DoD STEM.

Visit to learn more about the work they are doing to inspire, cultivate, and develop exceptional STEM talent through a continuum of opportunities to enrich our current and future DoD workforce. 

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