In AY 2022–23, IUP was awarded a grant from the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) to support a highly qualified PhD candidate seeking a doctoral degree in cybersecurity. Recipients receive full tuition and fees for AY 2022–24 and an annual living expenses stipend among many other benefits.

Scholarship Opportunity Summary

The Department of Defense, in partnership with the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C), announced a pilot PhD scholarship program to augment the available cyber faculty within the NCAE-C community. Scholars selected for this program will perform a service obligation in one of the available NCAE-C faculty positions for which they qualify. The service obligation can be performed at the parent institution or any other NCAE-C institution that has open faculty positions.

Scholarship Recipient AY 2022–23

Brad Messner Brad Messner, PhD Candidate in Business, Information Systems Focus, received one of only five scholarships that were awarded nationally in this program. 

Brad Messner is a proud IUP alumnus, earning his MBA with a concentration in information systems in 2015. Messner was selected by the project team after a competitive application process and will receive full tuition and fees, books, a stipend for living expenses, and funds to attend a cyber-related conference and earn a cyber-related certification in AY 2022–24. See the news release for more information about Messner and the scholarship program.

2022–23 Application Cycle (now closed)

PhD students studying cybersecurity-related subjects at IUP and other NCAE-C institutions were encouraged to apply for this full-ride scholarship. Selected candidates for this scholarship receive full support for two years, including a generous annual stipend, a waiver for tuition and all fees, books, cost for certification exam, and other benefits.  Information about the most recent application cycle is given below.


  • Full cost of tuition and all fees provided for 2022–24 academic years.
  • $35,000 annual stipend for room and board.
  • Covering the cost of all required books (up to $1,000).
  • Covering costs of attending one cyber-related conference and for one cyber-related certification.

Basic Requirements

  • Be a US citizen.
  • Be enrolled in one of the NCAE-C universities.
  • Have only two academic years remaining in a doctoral program.
  • Be pursuing a course of study related to cyber.
  • Agree to serve four years at an NCAE-C institution as a member of their faculty, upon graduation.


Download the 2022-23 NCAE-C PhD Scholarship flyer


Waleed Farag, PhD, Director of the IUP Institute for Cybersecurity

Stright Hall 334, 210 S. 10th St., Indiana, PA 15705 | 724-357-7995