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IUP, in partnership with six other community colleges in Pennsylvania, has been awarded a substantial grant from the US Department of Defense (DoD STEM) with the increasingly important goal of supporting and strengthening the cybersecurity workforce in our country. 

Consortium Partners

Community college partners were chosen based on a variety of factors, including geographical location, vested interest in cybersecurity and STEM fields, and expertise in managing previously federally funded grants. Visit our Partners page to learn more information about each school.  For upcoming activities, please visit the Grant Activities page.

Grant Goals/Objectives

Increase Certification Rates

The consortium will work together to overcome some of the challenges and roadblocks that stop graduates from becoming certified in various areas. Increased certification rates will not only help graduates in obtaining employment in their fields but will also provide better-equipped and prepared graduates for employers.

PC4A Partner Map

Increase Transfer Rate to Four-Year Institutions

This partnership will allow for easier transitions for students who are interested in obtaining further education beyond the diplomas or degrees that are available at our partner locations. By increasing the number of students who transfer to four-year institutions, there will be more qualified graduates seeking employment, thus increasing the strength of the cybersecurity workforce in our country.

Increase Interest in Employment Within Department of Defense and Defense Industrial Base Workforce

The US Government is in need of a skilled, qualified, and prepared cybersecurity workforce. The consortium will bridge the gap between graduates and government agencies by improving relationships, assisting in internships and job shadowing, and providing general education about opportunities that are available, some of which may currently be unknown to students. 

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The PC4A Project is proudly funded by:


Visit to learn more about the work that they're doing to inspire, cultivate, and develop exceptional STEM talent through a continuum of opportunities to enrich our current and future DoD workforce.


Dr. Waleed Farag
PC4A PI | Director, IUP Institute for Cybersecurity | Professor of Computer Science

Lydia Taylor
PC4A Project Manager