All comments listed below were collected from student and teacher responses to the survey question "What do you feel were the strengths of this camp?"

Student Responses

2023 Student Camp

  • "I was very satisfied of the equipment provided to me. I think the Raspberry Pi Kit was a good reward."
  • "I thought they had great teachers and taught great information in fun, engaging ways. They also let us get a feel of the campus if you were considering it as a college option. The brain breaks were very fun and helpful, so that I had a nice brain break."
  • "I really liked the coding and the guest speakers."
  • "This is a great camp for anyone to attended, as is filled with a lot of fun of classes and activities."
  • "A major strength that helps this camp is the lessons that were taught by professors, the Raspberry Pi is also nice."
  • "It provided a lot of hands-on experience that probably isn't provided anywhere else."

2022 Student Camp

  • "The activities were very hands on."
  • "I learned a lot of cybersecurity concepts. The camp provided software like cryptool and Autopsy that I would not have known about otherwise. I will be able to use this software long after the camp to practice the demonstrated concepts. I really enjoyed the hands on coding and encryption projects. Kahoot, Menti, and Google docs made interactive group projects easy and fun. The teachers and student helpers were very effective at communicating their content."
  • "I think the teachers and helpers are very knowledgeable so they can provide quality, useful information on subjects."
  • "I liked that we were given equipment and learned how to use a new type of computer."
  • "It helped me learn a lot about cybersecurity, it was engaging."

2021 Combination Camp

  • "The camp was pretty hands-on overall, and the use of visuals helped in learning and remembering key points."
  • "Fun, interesting, fulfilling."
  • "Introducing topics to everyone, regardless of skill level, high level of interaction, lots of cool software to learn."
  • "I feel like the camp did really well at connecting concepts we learned to each other as well as to real world applications such as social media, gaming, etc. It made the information much easier to process and understand."
  • "The professors -the equipment used."

2020–21 Winter Student Camp

  • "The instructors, guest speakers, programming activities were something that allowed those with and those without experience programming to challenge themselves."
  • "The concepts that were taught were really interesting."
  • "The activities were mostly hands-on and there was a lot of interesting topics. The instructors/helpers were really kind and helpful. The activities were also thorough and well-designed."
  • "The sheer amount of material learned over just 5 days was very significant, and the instructors did their job very well."
  • "Practical uses of what we learned and actually being able to code and decrypt."
  • "It forced me to think on my feet and come up with new approaches."

2019 Student Camp

  • "Learning new things about cybersecurity and having fun with cybersecurity"
  • "Teaching. Hands on learning. Making sure you understand what the concepts are."
  • "Taught us how to be safe."
  • "Amazing guest speakers and guests, especially government officials."
  • "Lots of hands-on activities."

2018 Combination Camp

  • "The KOOV, the cryptography, the Tynker Coding, the password cracking, and the ollie robots."
  • "The lessons, the teachers, the food, etc."
  • "Programming, cyber-security, literally everything."
  • "The teachers were knowledgeable."

2017 Advanced Camp

  • "Cyberhacking, movie making, and programming."
  • "The knowledge of the people involved."
  • "All the programming aspects."
  • "The presentations with the PowerPoints, and the hands-on programming."

2017 Combination Camp

  • "The hunt, the final quiz, and the teachers."
  • "I loved the hands-on learning experience with the drones and robots etc."
  • "Robots, social networking, programming and physical security."
  • "The classes and enthusiasm and encouragement from the adults involved."

2016 Combination Camp

  • "Instructors were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about having us at the camp."
  • "You got to look into all of the different areas of cybersecurity."
  • "Wide range of topics."
  • "The hands-on activities with all the different computer programs."

Teacher Responses

 2021 Combination Camp

  • "The instructors were very knowledgeable. There was a lot of good organization. TA's were great."
  • "The quality of the instructors and the amount of resources."
  • "Chance to share and gain knowledge from the other educators in the group.  When I got into the group with the kids and got to teach, that is the part that I liked the best."
  • "The knowledge of the professors in their expert area."
  • "Interactivity and wide array of teaching tools presented."

2018 Combination Camp

  • "Engaging and interactive."
  • "Lots of creative ideas were shared. Kids were very much engaged."
  • "The instructors were experts in the content. The activities allowed participants to interact and learn from each other."

2017 Combination Camp

  • "The equipment and support were wonderful. The use of Google classroom and other online applications will be very useful."
  • "Learning what the principles are and how they affect our everyday life. Realizing that everything is interconnected and we need to become more cyber safe."
  • "Giving valid information to protect our cyber use."