Students have the option of paying their account balance in full by the first day of classes* or enrolling in a payment plan. All payment plans are scheduled for the final payment to be made by November 20 for fall (April 20 for spring). 

*All incoming freshmen must have their account paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan prior to their move-in date.

Payment plan enrollment is made through IUP EasyPay. Students access IUP EasyPay through their MyIUP account. Additional users authorized by the student may access IUP EasyPay through this link. Get more information about accessing EasyPay.

Once enrolled in the installment payment plan, ALL payments must be made online using IUP EasyPay to ensure that your payment is recorded properly as an installment payment.

The number of monthly payments you will make is dependent upon your date of enrollment. For the spring term, if you enroll after December 20 (July 20 for the fall term), you will receive a message stating that you missed the deadline to pay in five installments but that you will be enrolled for the remaining months. These payments are due monthly.  All balances need to be paid in full by April 20 (November 20 for the fall term).

If you choose to make a "down payment," this amount will lower your balance due. The down payment is not an installment payment. Your installment payment amounts will be based on your balance minus your down payment.

When making a payment, use the Next Installment link in the payment drop-down menu.

  • Payments not made through this link will be a direct payment to your account balance and will not be reflected as an installment payment.

  • Your account is subject to late fees if you do not make a payment through the installment payment plan link, as your payment will be posted as a regular payment and not as a payment on the installment plan.

Note: Your installment amounts are subject to change over time for any new charges and for any financial aid adjustments.

A $20 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the due date.

Questions regarding the Installment Payment Plan should be directed to the Office of Student Billing at 724-357-2207 or

Students with outstanding balances greater than $1,000 will not be permitted to register for the upcoming semester(s) unless they are enrolled in an installment payment plan and are current with their payments.

Questions regarding balances should be directed to the Office of Student Billing.


Telephone: 724-357-2207