Frequently Asked Questions about the Office of Student Billing

I have a question, but I am not sure which office to contact.

TheOffice of Student Billing receives grant, loan, and scholarship funds, applies these funds to student accounts, and issues student refunds for overpayment from financial aid. The office may be contacted at or by phone at 724-357-2207.

TheOffice of Student Billing also generates all student bills and processes any adjustments to the charges on the student account. It processes payments made on student accounts. Again, the office may be contacted at or 724-357-2207.

The Financial Aid Office can provide information regarding the application for federal and state grants, student loans, and parent plus loans, as well as work study programs. The office may be contacted at or by phone at 724-357-2218.

How do I change my billing address?

Address information may be updated online. Please see our how-to instructions.

I would like to make my payment in person. Exactly where are you located?

The Student Billing Office is on the first floor of Clark Hall. You may also place payments in the outside depository.

How do I sign up for direct deposit refunds?

To sign up for direct deposit refunds, log in to your MyIUP account and follow the Finances tab. Direct deposits will remain active for the academic year and throughout the summer. To cancel direct deposit information, you must submit the request in writing to the Office of Student Billing.

How can I access my 1098T Form?

You may access any 1098T tax form processed in 2011 and prior from your URSA account. Any forms processed in the 2012 tax year or later can be found at ECSI Tax Information. If you are trying to give your consent to receive the electronic version of the 1098T form, please go to ECSI 1098T Electronic Consent.

ECSI is responsible for the processing, presentment, issuance, and submission of the 1098T forms starting with the 2012 tax year. They are able to answer questions regarding:

  1. Whether a 1098T form was generated
  2. Where the form may have been mailed to
  3. Accessing the forms electronically on the ECSI Student/Borrower website
  4. General questions regarding the 1098T form itself

ESCI's customer service number for 1098T-related questions is 1-866-428-1098.

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