IUP Office of Student Billing's mission is to ensure financial integrity in the cash management of university funds and to provide exceptional customer service to the university community while helping students assume financial responsibility for their education. The Office will provide quality service to students, parents, alumni, and the university community in a professional and courteous manner, while maintaining the highest possible standards of accuracy in the administration of the finances for Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


We will be recognized as an organization that sees the value of our customers, operates with professional integrity, and provides prompt and accurate information and friendly customer service, utilizing advanced technology. We seek to be a leader in providing quality financial services to IUP students and other constituents that rely on them for fiscal service. This should be accomplished using the most current technology and other resources available to allow the students to complete the majority of their transactions online, at any time and from anywhere.

To this end, the department is committed to: continuing to enhance customer service techniques; creating cost-effective and innovative solutions to address changes in regulatory requirements; contributing to the enrichment and advancement of staff members; continuing the development, maintenance, and enhancement of automated systems and processes; and continuing to adjust policies and procedures to ensure they support the IUP Strategic Plan and Mission and Office of Student Billing's Mission and Vision and the changing environment.


  1. Contribute to student success by providing exceptional service, maintaining the accuracy of student accounts, safeguarding assets, and being responsive to students' needs.

  2. Improve customer service to students and their families, enhance employee capabilities, and target applications for new technology and a cost-effective administration.

  3. Provide exceptional, friendly, courteous, and supportive service to students, employees, and IUP's outside partners who rely on the office for a variety of fiscal services.

  4. Implement cost-effective and streamlined administrative processes to increase productivity (while maintaining optimal customer service and maintaining and improving accuracy of records and information).

  5. Safeguard resources entrusted to the Office of Student Billing including money and records and effectively manage outstanding student receivables. Safeguard the college assets for which the Office of Student Billing is responsible.

  6. Employ innovative and consistent methods responsive to the financial needs of students. Utilize the most updated technology to manage office functions and to provide students with web-based applications for them to manage their college finances online from a computer anywhere at any time. Develop and implement tools and technologies to support easy access to information and flexible payment options.

  7. Employ knowledgeable and well-trained staff who have the skills needed to provide high-quality service and perform other required office functions. Maintain a work environment that is conducive to efficiency and employee satisfaction.

  8. Continually evaluate services and operations to ensure a high-quality and effective office with professional and prompt interactions with students, employees, and others.

What We Do

  • The IUP Office of Student Billing, a member of the Division of Administration and Finance, is dedicated to providing the utmost in customer service and financial integrity. Team members are committed to providing financial accounting, financial reporting, and other valued-added services to IUP in a timely and accurate manner. Office staff interact with students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators along with outside agencies either in person, by phone, or by email.

  • The Office is responsible for student billing and the collection of tuition, fees, and other university-related charges; the disbursement of excess financial aid funding; and processes refunds due to overpayments, adding/dropping of classes, or withdrawals; and helps to resolve financial holds. This office does not award financial aid (that is the responsibility of the Office of Financial Aid, which is part of the Division of Enrollment Management.

  • The Office of Student Billing functions as the university treasury, accepting and processing payments on behalf of all university departments and providing banking and merchant services for departments at IUP. It serves as a central collection point for university receipts.

    The IUP Office of Student Billing provides information on cost of attendance, billing, and payment options for official university communications and/or directly to students and families; student account information and guidelines; important dates and deadlines relating to student finances; and any changes and updates to student accounts.

  • The team is dedicated to delivering quality services to all constituents, while fully complying with IUP and State System policies, applicable laws, regulations, and mandates, including

  • The team is dedicated to meeting its responsibilities while maintaining the highest of ethical professional standards, superior customer service, fostering the fiscal learning experience among student groups, assisting faculty and staff, and working with the community. While performing their duties, team members will ensure regulatory requirements associated with the various government entities, auditors, and the state system chancellor's office are being met.

  • The Office of Student Billing's mission is aligned with the university's strategic plan by committing to a culture of student centeredness and student success.

  • The Office of Student Billing respects, supports, and encourages diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture, and the pursuit of intellectual and personal growth.


  • We strive to be student-centric and treat all of our customers with respect and courtesy, while providing prompt service and accurate information.

  • Every employee has the right, and will be given the opportunity, to develop to his/her maximum capability for executing work.

  • All tasks are done with a commitment to excellence through effectiveness and efficiency, and with a positive attitude.

  • We strive to conduct our relationships with honesty and integrity with the goal of establishing mutual trust and respect.

  • We strive to provide accurate and timely account information and reliable fiscal guidance to students in a high-quality professional manner.

  • We strive to assist students to meet the financial responsibility for their education, focusing on financial integrity and accountability.

  • We strive to provide these services in a friendly and professional manner to both the internal and external campus community.

  • We strive to use best practices in regard to student billing operations, communications to our students and others, and use of technology.

Get To Know Us

The IUP Office of Student Billing staff are available to answer questions about financing a student's education, billing, refunds, and other related matters. Team members can be reached at 724-357-2207 or via email at student-billing@iup.edu. Replies can be expected, in most cases, within 24 hours.