Payment Plan Options

Payment plan options are available for students not paying their account in full by the first day of class. Get more information about payment plan options.

Tuition and Fee Cost Estimator

Estimate your cost to attend IUP, including tuition, fees, and room and board.

Access to IUP EasyPay

Are You Graduating this Semester?

If you have a balance due to IUP, a hold will be placed on your account. This hold will prevent you from accessing your grades and transcripts. Transcripts will not be released to you until you have a zero balance.

Please check your account through EasyPay to ensure you have a zero balance. If you have questions, please contact Student Billing at 724-357-2207 or

To access IUP EasyPay, follow this process:

A student looking off camera in the oak grove while shadows from tree leaves cover their face
  1. Sign in to MyIUP and log in with your username and network password.
  2. Select the Finances page and click the IUP EasyPay link.
  3. Click the IUP-EasyPay button.
  1. Log in to MyIUP. Go to Discover and search for "Easypay."
  2. On the Tuition, Aid, and Finances card, click on Pay My Bill (EasyPay).
  3. Click the IUP-EasyPay button.

Calling on a Student's Behalf

Any individual calling on a student's behalf regarding specific student account information will need to be listed on the student's "Student Authorization Record" in MyIUP as eligible to be given any information regarding the student's account. This person would also need to know the student's security keyword and phrase for us to release specific information. Thank you for cooperating with this important initiative to comply with federal privacy regulations.

Adding Authorized Users

Authorized users can be added to your account through MyIUP. See directions on how to add authorized users.

Students Visiting the Student Billing Counter

You can find the Office in Student Billing in Clark Hall. Please have your photo ID (i.e., your I-Card or driver's license) ready.

1098T Information

Form 1098T is used as a guide in the preparation of your taxes. Its purpose is to assist you in determining your eligibility for an education tax credit.

For Military Personnel

Find out if you are eligible for funds based on military service.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees detailing costs for undergraduate, graduate, Culinary, Dixon University Center, Culinary programs, and more.

Bill Payment Methods

How to pay your tuition and fees.