Do I have to pay the Health Service fee even if I have private health insurance?

Yes. This fee is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students. A part-time fee is assessed for all part-time undergraduate students. IUP at Northpointe and IUP Punxsutawney students are eligible for Health Service services only if they choose to pay the associated fees.

Why do I pay a Wellness fee and am still being charged when I use the Wellness Center?

Students who pay this fee have full access to all the services offered through the Rhonda H. Luckey Center for Health and Well-Being. At times, additional charges may apply.

Why do I have to pay the Activity fee if I am not on campus?

The Activity Fee is assessed each semester on a per-credit basis. This fee is mandatory. This fee supports the cost of student activities in recreation, athletics, lectures, entertainment, student organizations, student publications, etc. There are a host of online activities offered.