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Board of Education Electronic Board System

College of Education and Communications

To assist with the funding that allows for electronic storage, retrieval, and communications, through 'The Board of Education,' the electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) of the College of Education, at IUP. Assistance here is defined to include expenditures pertaining to any and every aspect pertaining to the BBS, which would include, but not be limited to, such things as the purchase of hardware; the purchase of software; the purchase of materials and supplies of any sort, pertaining to the project; the cost of telephone calls; the cost of training and education for the systems operator (SYSOP) of the BBS, including travel expenses and any and all other expenses that are or might be associated with that training and education; and any and all other expenses that are or associated with the operation of the BBS, unless any of those expenses normally would be provided for from one or more of the budgets which are, or would be, a part of the College of Education at IUP.

Restricted Fund - non Scholars

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