When you invest in IUP students, everyone benefits.

While citizens who have a post-secondary education fare better in society, society fares better with more college graduates, including those from IUP. A study by the College Board concluded that children of college graduates are better prepared for school, that college graduates volunteer more in their communities, and college graduates are more likely to participate in elections.

IUP takes that responsibility seriously, and we know we can't do it without you!

Alumni, friends, parents, employees, and students who stay connected to IUP already know this, and designate their charitable gifts to the university.

Your gift can change the future of a student and, in turn, change the world.

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Giving Societies

Benefactors who invest in IUP students understand that philanthropy opens the doors of opportunity for students—doors that otherwise may never be opened. Members of our giving societies partner with the university to build the foundation for student success. Their investments enable IUP to grow and to flourish.

Why We Support IUP

Some give to IUP out of pride for their alma mater. Others prefer to think of their philanthropic gift as an investment in society’s future. See what inspires alumni and friends to support IUP.

Where We Need Your Help

IUP needs your help in many ways, but we can narrow down the conversation to three basic areas: scholarships, capital improvements, and program enhancements.

Ways to Give

Everyone’s situation is different and, as a result, there are many different ways to give to IUP. You’ll find on this page forms, a calculation tool, and contact and matching gift information.

Your Gifts at Work

When you give, you’ll see an impact. Meet some of the students who directly benefit from your generosity.


Hawks Helping Hawks Drive Ends Friday

Volunteers from around campus are leading this year’s Hawks Helping Hawks drive to provide funds that impact our students and every facet of our campus. Your participation in the Hawks Helping Hawks drive is another way to help students experience a sense of stability and a culture of caring as they earn an IUP education.

IUP Alumni Association Authorizes Donation of $500,000 to IUP Proposed College of Osteopathic Medicine Project

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association Board of Directors has authorized a donation of $500,000 to IUP’s proposed college of osteopathic medicine project.

Mark Your Calendars: November 28 is Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday, November 28, IUP will join the global fundraising campaign, Giving Tuesday. This is your chance to make an impact on IUP students now and in the future.

IUP Council of Trustees Approve Four Resolutions Honoring Donors, University Leadership

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Council of Trustees approved four resolutions on September 7 in honor of members of the IUP community, including two retired faculty members and two retired administrators.

Tony and Emma Ricupero-Rustic Lodge Scholarship Recipients Selected

Two students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Academy of Culinary Arts, Madison Macchia and Samantha Swidowski, have been selected as the 2023 recipients of the Tony and Emma Ricupero-Rustic Lodge Scholarship.