University Family Drive

  • This year’s University Family Drive will raise support for the Emergency Response Fund, established to support students who are facing unexpected challenges—like technology access, travel home, food, and storage of their belongings. 

    When they were called to campus to vacate residence halls, many students faced unexpected expenses, such as extra travel or costs of shipping and storing their belongings. Students who live independently off campus are faced with unexpected expenses, such as having to install internet service, and some have been laid off from jobs they had to supplement their education.

    Your participation will not only directly assist students in need, it also will inspire more giving from alumni and friends of the university.

    When you make a gift to IUP’s Emergency Response Fund, you are providing critical assistance to relieve some of the pressures they are encountering during this global pandemic. 

    The University Family Drive, operated by the Office of Annual Giving, will conclude on April 17. To make your gift to the Emergency Response Fund visit today.

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    Questions? Find your answers here.

    We encourage gifts to the IUP Emergency Response Fund. If you would like to explore other funds, our Find-a-Fund tool can help you determine where to direct your support.

    Print a pledge form to send to the Annual Giving Office via campus mail. Tonya Patterson ( will take care of arranging for your payroll deduction. Have questions or not sure what fund you want to support? Call Tonya at 724-357-5555. She will help you.

    Pledge your support electronically. This form will be emailed to Tonya, and she’ll take care of the rest.

    Make a gift with your credit card online. This is a secure website, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.


    When many members of the university family contribute, it sends a message to alumni and to those in Harrisburg that we care, that we are dedicated to our cause, and that we are, in turn, worthy of their support. Our support ensures students have the best experience—and when they have an excellent experience, they are likely to lend their philanthropic support, recommend us, and advocate for us as alumni. In addition, many charitable foundations and corporate giving organizations ask about employee giving. They like to see strong support from employees. This is really a team effort, and every donor counts.

    Making your gift is easy and can be personally rewarding. You can make a gift through payroll deduction. Or, you can make a credit card transaction. How you do it and what area of the campus benefits is up to you. You might choose to give to the Fund for IUP, the Sutton Scholarship, the Lively Arts, Athletics, or to your own department or area of interest. See how gifts like yours are used across campus to assist students with tuition, books, and other learning experiences.

    Answers to Your Questions

    I work here. Why should I give to IUP?

    Each of us has a vested interest in the success of the university and the students we serve, and giving is a tangible way to signify our commitment and our belief in IUP students. Payroll deduction allows you to spread your commitment throughout the course of the year—and it’s easy. You may also choose to make a one-time commitment via check or a one-time or recurring gift via credit card. Charitable foundations and other agencies often look at faculty and staff giving rates. By giving to IUP, you say to them that you believe the work of the university is worth their investment, too.

    I gave a gift this year as a result of a phonathon call or a letter that I received. Does that count?

    Yes! Many of our employees are also alumni of IUP, and, as such, may be solicited in other ways throughout the year. Gifts to IUP made via any solicitation during the course of a fiscal year (July 1–June 30) count toward University Family participation. So, if you made a gift after July 1, 2018, you are counted as a University Family donor for this year. Of course, you can choose to broaden your impact by making a second gift!

    Is my gift tax deductible?

    Yes! Gifts to the Foundation for IUP are tax deductible, per IRS regulations.

    How much should I give?

    Every gift, no matter the amount, is important to IUP’s future. Your participation in the University Family Drive—your belief in IUP’s potential—is what this campaign is all about.

    These are examples of what your gift or approximate payroll deduction can do to assist a student, improve a classroom experience, or make the campus a nicer place.*

    $50 ($2 per pay period)

    CDs for the music library; medical supplies for a nursing simulation lab; a textbook for a student in need.

    $100 ($5 per pay period)

    Four student tickets to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra; pots and pans for the Culinary Academy; cost of a passport for a student to study abroad; contribution to an existing scholarship fund; a textbook for a student in need.

    $250 ($10 per pay period)

    Conference registration fees for a student to present research; lab equipment; naming a seat in Fisher Auditorium.

    $500 ($20 per pay period)

    Honorary or memorial tree on campus; a semester’s worth of books for a student in need; a departmental scholarship award; equipment or supplies for a science lab.

    $1,000 ($40 per pay period)

    Internship stipend for an unpaid experience; supplies for a faculty and student collaborative research project; technology upgrades for IUP Libraries. This giving level will also earn you the distinction of membership in the IUP Leadership Society.

    My spouse works for a matching gift company. Does that help with the drive?

    It does! If your spouse works for a company that will match your donation, the impact of your gift could be doubled. Some companies that operate here in Indiana do have matching gift programs. Ask your spouse to check with his or her employer, or use the Matching Gifts search page. Double your commitment through a matching gift.

    More questions?

    Send a message to or call the Annual Giving Office at 724-357-5555.


    Without the assistance of so many volunteers on campus, the University Family Drive could not succeed. Thank you!