Impact and Uplift Peers. Student Giving at IUPMake Your Impact Now

Join our student giving community!

Join the thousands of students, alumni, and friends in giving back to the IUP community. Giving back to IUP not only helps the university but also helps the students. Your peers benefit from your generosity when you give a gift of any amount to IUP. Hawks benefit greatly from several foundations, scholarships, and grants through IUP that are funded by students like you.

Together, we have strength in numbers.

Join IUP’s student leadership society, the Future Leaders Council. Your gift of $100 (or more) would place you in the Future Leaders Council today with benefits to enjoy.

Senior Class Gift

Join thousands of students before you to be part of an IUP tradition!

You have the opportunity to leave an everlasting mark with your Senior Class Gift. These gifts touch every part of campus life here at IUP. This year, the student giving project encourages students to support any area of campus they are passionate about, whether that's your college, major, sports teams, scholarships, or special initiatives like the IUP Food Pantry and Help Center and the Student Assistance Fund! Previous student giving projects include the Grant Street Park Project, the creation of the IUP Student Food Pantry, and Give to the Grove.

Seniors who make their gift of $20.24 or more will receive Philanthropy Cords to be recognized at commencement. More importantly, you will help pave the way for the success of future IUP students. When making your Senior Class Gift, be sure to mark that you would like to receive your philanthropy cords.

Why should I make my Senior Class Gift?

Students can use this time to establish their status as an alumni donor as well as ensuring the next generation of Crimson Hawks have a great future at IUP. Students should reflect on their time at IUP—did you receive a scholarship, a need-based grant, or used helpful resources on campus?

The impact of your gift can sometimes be double or triple the original amount when you give on specific days celebrated at IUP. Giving your senior gift during Giving Tuesday, Day of Giving, and during our Hawks Helping Hawks event can help you make a bigger impact for your peers.

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Volunteers are students on campus who help promote the philanthropic culture on campus.

To become a volunteer, find us on Crimson Connect or email us at

Apply for a Fundraiser Position

Want to be a part of raising funds for IUP programs and students? Go to Hire a Hawk and apply to be a Phonathon Caller today.

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I already pay tuition, why should I give more?

Most Crimson Hawks don't realize that your tuition and state funds cover less than 25 percent of your IUP education. IUP is able to thrive due to private support that helps bridge the actual cost of attending IUP. Your own IUP experience has largely been supplemented by students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, corporations, and foundations. By supporting IUP through giving back to the student giving project, your favorite program or department you are helping ensure your own IUP experience is top-notch.

Does my participation matter?

Yes! Student giving is a great way to support your peers and foster good feelings. Giving back as a student allows you to promote the philanthropic culture on our campus and improve your experiences. Some IUP students rely on the resources that are provided on campus and funded by students like you.

Does the size of my gift matter to IUP?

Every gift has the ability to make a great impact on a current or future Crimson Hawk.

 No matter the size of the gift, it still has the capability to make a huge impact on IUP students.

How does being a donor affect me?

The Fund for IUP and Student Giving programs have built up an expansive network of Crimson Hawks to provide support to all of our donors. Being a donor makes IUP a smaller and more intimate experience. Additionally, if you become a member of the IUP Leadership Society as a student (with a gift of $100 or more) you will have the opportunity to connect with other esteemed donors in the IUP Leadership Society by being invited to exclusive events.

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