Bricks and mortar, building and renovation. IUP's facilities are used by nearly 15,000 students , hundreds of employees, and a countless number of visitors. Wear and tear are an issue, and, of course, as society advances and trends evolve, our facilities need to keep up with the times to ensure we are properly educating our students.

While IUP's grounds and buildings are owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the commonwealth's allocation to IUP's budget does not cover all expenses of renovations and improvements and, sometimes, new construction. IUP appreciates the support of alumni and friends support our capital projects. If you would like to be a part of the following projects, please contact the University Advancement Office at 724-357-5661.

Humanities, Social Sciences to Flourish in New Facility

Students and their professors who are passionate about the study of the human condition, culture, language, and societal trends require modern space that can accommodate the best technology. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is providing the basics for a new facility that is under construction, but you can help to take this facility to a higher level--to the cutting edge--through philanthropic investment. Your gift and this new facility ensure IUP students will be prepared to become leaders who are articulate and creative, have critical thinking skills, and develop a strong knowledge base in the humanities. It also ensures our faculty members can produce more knowledge and continue to contribute to their respective fields of study in an environment conducive to the highest standards of scholarship.

A New Home for Scientific Discovery That Benefits Society

As part of the university community's shared vision, IUP and our faculty are committed to conducting research and scholarly service that provide solutions to real problems in consultation with the community. Students directly benefit from these experiences and in, many instances, share in the research activities. Our current science facility, Weyandt Hall, is a half century old. In the midst of a space study for our science programs, we know we must construct a new building and are evaluating what portions of Weyandt, if any, may be retained for the best return on investment.

In 2013, we formed a Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Advisory board comprising some of the nation's best mindsalumni who are leaders in the science communityto advise us on what today's students need to become tomorrow's science leaders. A new building with the most modern laboratory and learning settings is key in accomplishing what these leading scientists believe IUP students need. Your investment will bring their collective advice to fruition.