Sometimes gifts help IUP with immediate needs, but we also must plan for the future and seek gifts that are put into funds and can fulfill needs over a longer period of time.

Make your annual gift now to have an immediate impact and assist students with Deans Merit Scholarships, the Sutton Scholarship, and a variety of other needsbooks, travel expenses, program enhancements, and more.

For gifts of larger sums that have a lasting impact, you may discuss your options by calling 855-477-5266 or sending an email to

Whatever you choose, rest assured your gift makes many great things happen. See the stories below to find out how.

Equity and Inclusion: The Journey Continues

Tim Cejka '73 and Debra Phillips Cejka '73

Knowing the importance of diversity in the workplace, Tim Cejka '73 and Debra Phillips Cejka '73 wanted to support IUP's ongoing efforts in diversity and inclusion, and equity on campus.

Love Found, Love Passed On

Jim and Stephanie Brewer Jozefowicz

Finding each other on IUP campus, Jim and Stephanie Brewer Jozefowicz, wanted to give back to the university they love.

Rallying In A Time of Need

Jim Leda, Leslie Vanderhoof Leda, Dennis Stover, and Regina Dressel Stover

The IUP community came together to support students struggling. They saw a need and the jumped into action.

Taking Care Of Those Who Protect Us

Stephen Abel

A change of direction led Stephen Abel '73 on a military path that resulted in a need to help veterans succeed at IUP.

Making it Easier to Stay Afloat

Bill Madia and Audrey DeLaquil Madia

Once struggling IUP students, Bill Madia '69, M'71 and Audrey DeLaquil Madia '70, want to give back and support students stay afloat.