Unrestricted GivingThe Fund for IUP

In today's world, change is constant. The ability to adapt and to respond to change is paramount to success. Unrestricted gifts provide essential flexibility to enable IUP to seize opportunities and to meet the demands and challenges of today's rapidly changing educational environment. Opportunities for enrichment are constantly presenting themselves, and unrestricted support helps IUP take advantage of such opportunitiesassuring IUP's future stability and competitive edge.

You may have also seen media reports that the cost of higher education is rising. Pennsylvania's state-owned universities, including IUP, are receiving a smaller portion of their budgets from the state than ever before. As the support from the commonwealth shrinks, the need for unrestricted gifts increases. One way to give an unrestricted gift is through the Fund for IUP, which assist IUP with the greatest need at any time.

In addition to dedicated faculty and staff, it's the innovation and vision that sets IUP apart from its peer institutions. Those are what make the IUP experience among the finest in the country. Unrestricted philanthropic gifts make it possible to build on funding and quickly capitalize on new technology and important breakthroughs. These gifts have great impact on the university's ability to provide students with opportunities to succeed today, so that they can become engaged, successful leaders tomorrow. By utilizing unrestricted support, IUP can advance its mission, continue vital work, and increase its power and reach.

You can make an impact on IUP by giving an unrestricted gift today through any of our established giving methods. Or, if you have questions, please contact the Office of Annual Giving by e-mail at iup-giving@iup.edu or by calling 724-357-5555.