Mark Your Calendars: November 28 is Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday, November 28, IUP will join the global fundraising campaign, Giving Tuesday. This is your chance to make an impact on IUP students now and in the future.


Pennsylvania’s Future: Hunter Overdorff

Hunter Overdorff, a senior computer science major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania from Brush Valley, is living proof that an investment in the State System is an investment in Pennsylvania’s future.


Pennsylvania’s Future: Thomas Oraskovich

Thomas Oraskovich, a sociology and political science pre-law major from McIntyre, is making waves at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s Future: Joshua Muscatello

Joshua Muscatello, a bachelor of science in management information systems (2006) and master of business administration (2011) graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, used his education to open the door to opportunities he never imagined.


Pennsylvania’s Future: Alexi Cabrera

Profile of Alexi Cabrera, a senior nursing major who has made the most of her undergraduate experience through her involvement in several student organizations at IUP.