Donor Report Statistics

Who Gives to IUP?

Alumni/Students $2,603,386
Corporations/Foundations $1,437,821
Friends $643,018
Faculty/Staff/Retirees $89,316
Parents $27,499

How Your Gifts Support IUP

Academic Excellence $1,881,513
Student Success and Engagement $1,877,107
Leadership through Athletic Competition $599,158
The Future of Science and Mathematics $443,262

*This total reflects cash donations received during the 2020-21 fiscal year. Commitments of planned gifts and pledges that extend beyond the fiscal year are not included in the total.

2,936 Awards presented


2,150 Students received scholarships


$6,513,898 Total in scholarships awarded


$225 Average annual fund gift amount


2,192 Loyalty society donors (those who have given for 5+ consecutive years)


585 Leadership Society donors ($1,000+ annual donors)


5,689 All donors


Philanthropic support to IUP comes from many people and organizations and in many forms.

As the charts show, alumni, employees, corporate, and foundation friends—even students—believe IUP is a worthy investment, and they support IUP's mission through annual gifts, large-gift endowments, estate planning, and more. In this section, you'll find those who have supported IUP with gifts of $1,000 or more (or slightly lower range for graduates of the last decade).

IUP Leadership Society

Members of the IUP Leadership Society set the pace for charitable giving and help to provide students with scholarships, research opportunities, and out-of-classroom experiences.

Leadership Society members have chosen to invest in the success of IUP at a higher level. As the leaders of philanthropic giving, they enable IUP students to act as ambassadors for IUP through their travels to competitions, conferences, and performances.

Stephen Abel '73

Lorna Milkovich Abernathy '83 and Justin Abernathy

Judith Ahern '67

Barbara Morrison Albanese '86 and Joseph Albanese

John Albarano and Sandra Bryson

Hussam Al-Shammari

Andrea Logue Alsippi '75

Robert Anderson '67 and Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Harbison Anderson '80

Heather Andring



David Antolik '88 and Elizabeth Ferguson Antolik M'04, D'19

Andrew Arthur '79 and Mary Kay Arthur

Yaw Asamoah and Carol Asamoah

James Ashton '64 and Virginia Harrigan Ashton '64

George Audi '89 and Denise Audi

Glenn Bafia '85 and Kirk Petersen

Kevin Bailey '86, M'90

Jennifer Baker '17

William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98

Barry Balliet '74 and Diane Klingensmith Balliet '75

Jane Miller Banks '56

Gretchen Barbor M'85 and John Barbor

Margaret Barnes’76

Donald Baronitis '76 and Anne Baronitis

Sandra Koeppl Barsotti '87

Robert Basehore '71 and Kathie Kuvinka Basehore '71

Brian Basile '81

David Baughman '74 and Debra Marinelli Baughman '74

Nadav Baum '86 and Nancy Wallace Baum '83

Charlene Bebko and Robert Bebko

William Beck

William Bell '02, M'18

John Benedict

John Benson '88, M'19

Frances Bentkowski '70

Thomas Bergstresser '77

Elaine Berry M'67

David Best '00, M'02

Prashanth Bharadwaj and Jaya Rao

Eugene Bicego M'73 and June Montali Bicego M'73

Ann Bilko

Taylor Billman '14

Gary Bird and Julie Bird

Christopher Bird '95

David Bluemling '85 and Sheila Mowry Bluemling '85

Jeffrey Bobich '93 and Angela Bobich

Michael Bodolosky '72, M'78 and Glenna Bodolosky

Paul Bolig ‘71, M'73 and Jo Ann Bolig

Mark Bolinger '77 and Linda Bolinger

Martin Bolinger and Fayetta Bolinger

John Bonya '70 and Beverly Gazza Bonya '70

Carol Strozak Boone '75 and Daniel Boone

Anthony Bosnick '72

Daniel Bostedo '19, M'20

Samantha Muir '12, M'22 and Lynn Botelho

Samuel Bowers and Fredalene Barletta Bowers '70, M'73*

Joan Frey Boytim '55, M'64

David Brady D'20 and Susan Boser

Philip Brannen M'06

Timothy Bratton '68

Clare Bretz '69 and Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Briggle '68 and Fayetta Briggle

Kristopher Bruns

Chris Brussalis and Christina Burssalis

Mark Piwinsky and Dolores Brzycki

Diane Kunz Buck '69

Larry Buckwalter '68 and Carol Buckwalter

Matthew Burglund '98 and Sarah Burglund '14

Marcia Cosgray Buriok '84

Frank Burke '74 and Karen Burke

Daniel Burkett '86

John Butzow and Carol Hollander Butzow D'91*

Victor Campbell '68

Joseph Campolo*

Courtney Canale '00

James Carino

Patrick Carone '90 and Stacia Scaletta Carone M'91

Patrick Carone*

John Carr '83

Phillip Carrai '83 and Angela Carrai

Richard Caruso '83

Charles Casavant

Charles Cashdollar '65 and Donna Cashdollar

Richard Cassel

Suzanne Johansson-Cawley '92 and James Cawley

Stanley Celich '90 and Patricia Celich

Miriam Chaiken and William Conelly

Mary Semelsberger Chakot M'78, D'93 and John Chakot

Aaron Chapman '87

Jonathan Clark '76 and Pamela Clark

Gerald Clark '69 and Cheryl Dunlap Clark '68

James Clarke '78 and Rosemary Clarke

Susan Clarke-Johnson '80

Roger Claypoole and Charlene Claypoole

Brian Cobaugh '92

Gary Cohen '65 and Kay Cohen

Jeffrey Coleman '87 and Donna Cook Coleman '89

Zachary Collins

John Collins '87 and Daria Levkus Collins '88

Jack Conaboy '77 and Julia Morabito Conaboy '77

Frank Condino and Marty Condino

Amy McMillin Conjelko '90 and Brian Conjelko

Robin Connelly '77 and Darlene Connelly

J Victor Conrad '87 and Debbie Conrad

John Conrad '58 and Barbara Conrad

Charles Conrad '88 and Tabitha Duncan Conrad '96

Craig Cox '79

Dennis Cramer '75, M'82 and Elizabeth Michaliszyn Cramer '76

Virginia Crider

Mary Cunningham

James Curtis '74

Thomas Curtiss and Helma Curtiss

William Dannecker '61*

Patrick Daugherty*

Nancy McElroy de Brier '62 and Donald de Brier

Linda Deabenderfer

Richard DeBastiani '61* and Iris Chapman DeBastiani '61

Susan Snell Delaney '64 and John Delaney

Phyllis DeMark '65

Albert Dettorre Jr. '76, M'85 and Lujean Boring Dettorre '76, M'80

Mary Ann Dickey

Christian Dickinson and Wanda Dickinson

Mary Dimock

John Dobies '71

Kevin Dodds '84 and Kimberly Lezanic Dodds '91

David Dolinger '69, '73 and E Jean Growden Dolinger '73

Amy Wertz Dorsey '91 and Mark Dorsey

William Dorsey M'70

Linda Houk Double '67 and William Double

Aaron Douthit '15 and Carly Lewis Douthit '14

Mary Jo Dressel '82

Michael Driscoll Rebecca Young Driscoll*

David Duckett '75 and Joan Duckett

Terry Dunlap '81 and Mary Jo Dunlap

Jennifer Luzier Dunsmore '98 and James Dunsmore

Pamela Dzialowski M'18

Matthew Egner '00

Peter Eilbott and Joan Eilbott

Barbara Eisen

David Elko '76 and Constance Elko

Kelly Eschbach '86

Louis Estrada '22

Donald Ettore '88

Derek Fairman '03 and Lindsay Fairman

Joyce Ritenour Fairman '76, M'84

Mark Feighner '80

Richard Ferguson '62

Elizabeth Yoe Fiddler '72

Cassie Fish '06

Glenn Fitzgerald '69

Christopher Fleischner and Dawn Fleischner

Thomas Frantz '73, M'77, D'00

Gregory Fritze and Linda Fritze

Stephen Gallagher and Susan Gallagher

Eleanor Mihalyi Gallati '54

Frederick Garbinski '65 and Judith Garbinski

Rajendar Garg and Vipul Garg

Louis Garzarelli '95, M'04 and Tammy McCready Garzarelli '95, M'00

Jon Gascoine '81 and Beverly Rupert Gascoine AA'89

Barry Gasdek '64 and Rita Gasdek

Grady Gaspar '77 and Carol Zeh Gaspar '78

Thomas Gathers '77 and Melanie Overman Gathers '78

Mary Mondrick Gatti M'70 and William Gatti

Rebecca Gay-Gregory M'17 and William Gregory

Barbara Koch Gazibara '57 and Donald Gazibara

Gail Gerlach '59

Robert Gett '72 and Lisbeth Gett

Beverly Bartzer Glendening '77 and Robert Glendening

Samantha Goettman '10, M'12

Mary Beth Leidman and David Golub

Matthew Golub

William Grant '75 and Mary Grant

Donald L. Green

Richard Gudewicz '70

Suzanne Kirch Gurski '71

Terry Guthrie '70, M'72

William Hadley M'70 and Georgeann Kattic Hadley '69

Linda Clemmer Hagey '65

Paul Haines '94 and Robin Haines

Dale Hall '69 and Linda Hall

Catherine Walls Haller '94

Lawrence Hammonds

David Hampe '83 and Kathleen Capodice

Edward Hartman '86 and Lori Herzing Hartman '87

Patricia Hartwell M'88*

Charles Hasse '71 and Kathleen Hasse

Frances Thompson Hawkins Wells '78

Virginia Cecconi Hazelet '80 and David Hazelet

Karen Hechler '62, M'69

John Henry '69 and Carol Highberger Henry '68, M'89

Philip Henry '81, M'82 and Beth Andrews Henry '84, M'86

Jo-Ann Taylor Herrick '72 and John Herrick

Becky Hilditch '05 and Douglas Hilditch

Joshua Hillard '01 and Jamie Anna Hillard '00

Wing-Fai Ho '78

Mark Holman '79

Michael J. Hood and Kitty Hood D'08

Scott Horton '87 and Shelley Owens Horton '89

Dale Hosack '81 and Jo Hosack

Amy Hovan '95, M'13 and Steven Hovan

Mary Jane Hovanec '73 and Howard Miska

Donna Carlson Howard '69

Janice Krall Hummel '75, M'79 and John Hummel

Robert Jamison '65 and Carol Jamison

CJ Jaynes '79, M'82

Cynthia Jeness M'70

G Bruce Jenkins*

Ann Roberts Jesick M'80 and Randy Jesick

Rita Johnson

Roberta Jones

Adeline Jones Wilk '56

William Joseph '79 and Debra Joseph

James Jozefowicz and Stephanie Jozefowicz

Andrew Jozefowicz

Alex Juhasz and Rosemary Juhasz

Robert Kane '90 and Kristen Kane

David Karl '64, M'68

Leonard Kasubick and Nancy Kasubick

C Edward Keller '74 and Judy Keller

George Kelly '82 and Lisa Kelly

John Kengla '67, M'72

Esther Massung Kepplinger '71 and Gary Kepplinger

Mark Kernen '04 and Jenny Kernen

Gloria Hullihen Kerr '70, M'75, D'96 and M Dale Kerr

Beatrice Kerridge '91

John Kilmarx and Beth Kilmarx

Frank Kinter and Hastie Kinter

Alexander Kirsch '11 and Sarah Hosterman Kirsch '11

F Bernard Kish '60 and Judith Kish

Thomas Kobus '74 and Christine Milsom Kobus

John Kopchick '72, M'75 and Char Labay Kopchick '73

Joseph Kovaleski and Susan Kovaleski

Mileah Kromer '03 and Michael Madden '02

Larry Kubala '68 and Barbara Bentrim Kubala '68, M'73

Lawrence Kupchella '79, M'82

Eugene Kupchella '83, '96 and Regina Trio Kupchella '83

Beverly Grau Kurts M'72 and Thomas Kurts

Donald Kuty '69

Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andy Kuzneski

Stephanie Lambidakis '81 and John Leseur

Erick Lauber and Betsy Lauber

John Laudeman '71 and Dorothy Laudeman

James Leda '95 and Leslie Vanderhoof Leda '98

Mary Leisher Leipheimer '66

Walter Lewis '70 and Suzanne Lamm Lewis '71

William Lewis '81

Ada Greening Lewis '54, M'66

David Linton '64, M'69 and Simi Linton

Barry Lippencott '67 and Patricia Hedges Lippencott '68

Joshua Liss '92

James Litzenberger '85 and Ellen Dougherty Litzenberger '84

Robyn Lockard M'08 and Bernard Lockard Jr.

Jane Ramsey Logan '63 and H Morris Logan

Lori Lombard

Andrew Longacre '13 M'19 and Meghan Longacre

Dorothy Sullivan Love '81

Mary Ludwig and Michael Ludwig

Lara Luetkehans

Ronald Lunardini '69 and Margaret Evans Lunardini '69

Thomas Lyttle '18 'M'21

Kim Lyttle '72, M'74

Christina Lyttle

William Madia '69, M'71 and Audrey Delaquil Madia '70

Mark Mahoney '79

Robert Mallick '84

Joseph Marcoline '70, D'90 and Mary Marcoline

Maura Mittelhauser Marcus '90, M'01 and Robert Marcus

Branko Maric '88 and Lisa Maric

Daniel Markey '77 and Linda Markey

Maria Markovich '74 and Gregory Shutske

Donald Mash '64

Cynthia Nixon Mastro

Mont Mattocks Jr. '70 and Stephanie Cain Mattocks '71

David Maudie '87 and Carol Maudie

Derrick Maultsby Jr. '17

Aiko Maurer D'17

Pat Mazanek '73, M'82 and Patti Shannahan Mazanek '74, M'86

Stephen McAneny and Cynthia McAneny

Patricia Curran McCarthy '89, D'15 and Thomas McCarthy

David McClymont '84 and Kathleen Lewis McClymont '84

Kelly Dobson McCombie '09 and David McCombie

Karl McDermott '76 and Deirdre Weston

Diane Taylor McGeehan '72

Skip McGreevy '71

Pamela Hale McGuire '69

Barry McKnight

Elaine Lytle Mead '70 and James Mead

John Mead '65 and Jane Henk Mead '64

William Mechling* and Darla Mechling

Judith Meister '80 and Andrew Newcomb

Raymond Mialki

Keith Michael '52 and Marion Bankert Michael '51

Patrick Mikesell '62

James Mill and Bonnie Mill

Paul Miller '74 and Susan Walker Miller '74

Gwendolyn Howard Miller '60

James Miller '87

Alan Miller '80 and A. Lorraine Miller

Ryan Miller '02 and Krista Hughes Miller '03

James Milligan '01 and Becky Boarts Milligan '01, M'03

Geofrey Mills

Robert Millward and Kathleen Millward

Kathleen Stadelmyer Mitchell '71 and John Mitchell

R Thomas Monk and Lisa Monk

Austin Moody '18

Thomas Moore '76 and Karen Mertz Moore '76

Tina Piccolini Moore '82 and David Moore

Kimberly Brown Moore '74, M'75 and David Shores

Casey Moore '75 and Janice Moore

Jeffrey Moran '89

Mary Ordakowski Morgan '91 and Scott Morgan

Mario Morino and Dana Morino

Ralph Morris '69

John Morris '71

Barbara Morycz '72

Ryan Mostyn '09 and Jayde Mostyn

Rohini Desai Mulchandani

Richard Muth M'96 and Brandy Muth

Wendy Naman '92

Cheryl Longenecker Naughton '75, M'80 and Paul Naughton

Penelope Moyer Naylor '77 and W Patrick Naylor

David Neal '85 and Sue Neal

Sally Miller McCombie '74, M'78 and John Nelson III '73

Christina Newhill

Christopher Noah

Michele Wippich Norwood M'92

M Michelina Zoffuto Olmstead '73, M'79, and Gary Olmstead

Edward Onderick and Catherine Onderick

Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna and Ibrahim Hanna

Eugene O'Sullivan '71 and Saundra O'Sullivan

Kelli Reefer Paquette '93

Kevin O'Donnell M'11 and Gloria Park

David Pauling '70 and Nancy Pauling

Daniel Perlongo and Susan Wheatley

Bradley Peterson and Diane Peterson

Charles Petrie M'85

John Pettina '87 and Cathy Jones Pettina '87

Paul Phillips '93

Sam Phillips '91, M'19 and Lisa Phillips

David Piper '84, M'89, M'92, D'00 and Joyce Piper

Martha Piwinsky

Edward Platt and Olga Platt

Sharon Ann Plowman

Richard Pontius '76 and Sharon Pontius

Joseph Pontoli and Heather Pontoli

Dennis Popovec '77 and Annmarie Popovec

Jamie Potosnak '97 and Angela Orlando Potosnak '98

Daniel Powers '70

Michael Powers and Heather Powers

Kathleen Darkes Prokay '69

John Prushnok and Patricia Prushnok

Brian Quinn '96 and Rebecca Ruffner Quinn '95

Gerald Quinn '91 and Jennifer Thomas Quinn '94

Julia Levy Rachlin '89, M'92 and Adam Rachlin

Daniel Radakovich Jr. '80 and Marcia Radakovich

Martin Raniowski '96, M'98 and Jenna Raniowski

James Reckard III '90 and Marla Reckard

David Reed '00 and Heather Camp Reed M'13

Jack Reefer Jr '69

Bernard Reilly '85, M'86 and Jayne Reilly

Erik Reinhard and Donna Reinhard

Janelle Reinoso '92 and Juan Reinoso

Nellie Byers Reynolds '48*

Samuel Richards '04

James Rickard '06

Ruth Riesenman '64

Allen Childs '81 and Glenda Riley-Childs

Jeremy Risinger '16, M'18

Shirley Ritter '74

Keith Rittle '91 and Kathleen Rittle

Rosemary DeMark Roberts '79 and William Roberts

Douglas Roblin '75

Catherine Rodgers '71

James Rose '90 and Eric Gutierrez

Beth Snyder Rosenthal '84 and Daniel Rosenthal

Elijah Rosenthal '15

Rodney Ruddock '65, M'75 and Ellen Sylves Ruddock '66

Stephen Ruger and Almeda Ruger

William Rusnack '66 and Marsha Zamberlan Rusnack '66

Joseph Saffron '63 and Merceda Biordi Saffron '65

Kenneth Salem '97 and Lee Salem M'18

Daniel Sarver '90 and Lisa Edgar Sarver '91

Robert Sauritch '84

Sam Scavo '61

William Scheeren '68 and Judith Scheeren

Curtis Scheib '77, M'78

Gregg Schmidt '78 and Sharon Ammons

Eugene Schmidt '64 and Kathy Wright

Benjamin Schneider '01

Bruce Schonour '71

Matthew Schroeder '91 and Stacy Schroeder

Sara Cline Schumacher '02 and William Schumacher

Thomas Segar

Thomas Selby '75

Brian Sell '05 and Stephanie Sell '10, M'19

Terry Serafini '61 and Janet Serafini

Joseph Serene

Tracy Settle '80 and Sheri Settle

Dennis Sevin '98 and Kelly Krevokuch Sevin '97

Anita Malone Shaffer '54

Jeremiah Shanahan '88 and Kristen Dean Shanahan '91

Sharon Sheetz*

William Shipley '75 and Judith Stuart Shipley '22

George Siehl '59 and Nancy Siehl

Marilyn Silvey

Ronald Simkins '58 and Patricia Brown Simkins '55

Daniel Simoni '94 and Michelle Costanza Simoni '95

John Simpson '79

John Sitton*

Jean Sabolovich Sledzik '61 and Herman Sledzik

David Smith '67

Kay Baker Smith

Samuel Smith and Donna Bruder-Smith

R Roger Smith

Paul Smocer '74 and Susan Seftic Smocer '75

Deanne Snavely

David Snyder '72 and Sandra J Ford Snyder '73

Carolyn Armrose Snyder '81 and Mark Snyder

Linda Snyder

Larry Sobotka '63

Jo-Una Spadafora

Candice Cedarland Spadafora '68 and William Spadafora

C J Spadafora

Nathan Spade '01

James Staples

Michael Staub '80 and Gayle Leader

Kenneth Steffy '03 and Chrystina Black Steffy '03

Joanne Steiner

Judith Kralik Sterner '69 and Stephen Sterner

Douglas Steve '92, M'93 and Julie Steve

Martha Stitt Stewart-Finton '60 and Abe Finton

Benjamin Stiles and Carolyn Stiles

Susan Giles Stonebraker '68

Rick Stouffer and Meg Stouffer

Dennis Stover '76 and Regina Dressel Stover '75

Frederick Streams '55

Robert Strouse '70 and Susan Strouse

Simon Stuchlik M'19 and Jill Stuchlik

Timothy Sullivan '73

Kerry Wolfe Sunderland '88 and Daniel Sunderland

Suphavadi Sunhachawi-Taylor '87 and James Taylor '86

Charles Sutton '73 and Connie Evans Sutton '67, M'68

Ryan Sweeney '16

Jeffrey Swift '75 and Jill Trainor Swift '75

Irene Tabish '70 and David Tabish '70

C Robert Tate '69 and Brenda Tate

Suzanne Kuhn Teele '82 and Edward Teele

Ron Thomas and Gerri Thomas

Terry Throm '98

Gwendolyn Torges

Matthew Traver '10

Ronald Trenney '84 and Amy Dunlap Trenney '83, M'84

Cynthia Turco '70

Richard Ubinger '81 and Lori Ubinger

Vislosky Family

James Vogt '71 and Sally Vogt

Courtney Barilar Vose '92

Kraig Walker '11

Patricia Wall

Thomas Wallace '80

David Wallace and Ruthie Wallace

Timothy Wallace '79 and Lee Wallace

Brian Walsh '98 and Keely Walsh

Mick Watson '66 and Nancy Watson

Cindy Rhine Watta '75, M'79 and Robert Watta

Scott Weber '88, M'89 and Karen Weber

Calvin Weber and June Weber

Cheryl Wegener

Kevin Weidl '06

Glenn Wenger '72

Ned Wert '58*

Sandra Whitson

Charles Wick D'18 and Kimberly Wick '12, M'14

Stephen Wiedmaier '73 and Loucinda Wiedmaier

Jim Wiley and Jackie Wiley '69, M'77

Cameron Wilkins '06 and Vanessa Wayne Wilkins '06

David Williams '79

James Wilson

Harold Wingard and Elizabeth Wingard

Diane Wolf '79 and Charles Wolf

Lenora Saxton Woodard '76 and Mel R. Woodard

Thomas Wozniak '80 and Anne Wozniak

Sanketh Yalamuri Sathyanarayan M'19

Terry Yosie '74 and Ann Hegnauer

Michael Zang '73 and Karen Focht Zang '73

Stephen Zbur '85 and Sandra Cornell Zbur '85

Loyalty Society, deceased*

This special community of donors comprises those who have given to IUP for five or more consecutive years. Gifts of any amount to any area of the university qualify donors for membership. Involvement in the Society is sustained as long as gifts are made to IUP every fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) without interruption.

Download the complete list of Loyalty Society donors.


Ronald Beach

Maria Grau '21

Julia Hartwig

Branden Hendricks '22

Idoia Huerta

Bryan Jia '22

Karolin Kirchtag

Julianne Laird

Marija Linde

Ebona McRavion

Colton Packard '22

Jace Rearic

Rebecca Shellenbarger '20

Emily Turner

Renee Wall '21, M'22

Student Giving at IUP is more than giving, it’s about helping ensure their one IUP experience is top-notch. Student members of the IUP Leadership Society (with a gift of $100 or more) have the opportunity to connect with other esteemed donors in the IUP Leadership Society by being invited to exclusive events.

Download the complete list of Student Donors.

Alumni and friends believe IUP is a worthy investment, and they support IUP’s mission through various donations throughout the year.

Download the complete list of All Other Donors.

1976 Alumna Food and Nutrition Scholarship

Allen and Jane Amos Scholarship

Barbara and Larry Kubala Scholarship for Fine Arts

Berty-Dean Trust for Secondary Science and Music Education

Beth A and Daniel L. Rosenthal Scholarship for Safety Science

Blane Dessy Scholarship for English

Bob and Kathie Basehore Boardwalk Bowl Scholarship

Bob and Sue Strouse Endowed Scholarship

Carl Adams Scholarship for Flute Performance

Cobaugh Family Sutton Scholarship

College of Arts and Humanities Dean's Merit Scholarship

Denise Mularz Wilks '72 Scholarship for English

Dorothy Peterman Salsgiver Scholarship for Nursing and Allied Health

Dr. Jerry B. Fiddler Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Kwasi Yirenkyi Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Sally M. McCombie Scholarship

Dr. Wanda Stitt-Gohdes and Dr. William Gohdes Scholarship

Drs. Phillip and Sarah Neusius Scholarship for Anthropology

Florence J. Mauchant Scholarship

Gealy Wallwork Memorial Scholarship for Student Leadership

Glenn Fitzgerald Scholarship for Natural Science

IUP Alumni Computer Science Scholarship

IUP Alumni Veterans Scholarship for Athletics (Endowed)

IUP Master's of Education Scholarship

Joseph M. Mastro Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Rankin Fitzgerald Scholarship for Elementary Education

Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science Scholarship

Mary Kay Kennedy Scholarship for Education

Mary Rita Theiss Plowman Scholarship

Master of Business Administration Scholarship

Osseiran Hanna Endowed Scholarship

Phillippi-Malone Family Scholarship

Pre-Med Majors Scholarship

Ray Edwin McAfoose Art Education Scholarship

Ray Edwin McAfoose Mathematics Education Scholarship

Rhonda Luckey Endowed Scholarship

Robert C. Camp Business Scholarship

Robert Mallick Scholarship

Rodney D. and Ellen Sylves Ruddock Business Scholarship

Rodney D. and Ellen Sylves Ruddock Mathematics Scholarship

1st Summit Bank

Abes Baumann

About All Floors

ADS System Safety Consulting LLC

Advantage Sport & Fitness, Inc.

Affordable Interiors

Airy Pines Boarding Kennel, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

AmazonSmile Foundation

American Society of Safety Professionals Western PA Chapter

Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services


Applied Materials

Aramark Corporation

Armond Pools, Inc.

Armstrong County Community Foundation

Assurance Data, Inc.

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance, Inc.

Bill Sugra Memorial Fund


Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

Brayman Construction Corp

BSN Sports, Inc.

C L Rosensteel LP

Calvary Presbyterian Church

Carino Well

Catalyst Connection

Charles Burd Construction

Chevron Corporation

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Clark Construction Group LLC

CNB Bank

Colonial Motor Mart

Cow-Camp Communications

Creps United Publications

Cyber Crucible, Inc.


Hess Landscaping

Diamond Drugs, Inc.

Dinette and Barstool Village of PA

Dolansky Lawn Services & More

Donald C Hogan DMD

Douds Furniture Company, Inc.

Douglass Heirs 1 - H/C Deep

Dr. R. Samuel Magee

Dunlap Dental LLC

East American, Inc.

East Coast Risk Management LLC

Eber Hvac, Inc.


Enterprise Bank

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Environment & Safety Solutions, Inc.

Environmental Pest Management, Inc.

Eriez Magnetics - Orrie-M Club

Evergreen Farms

Farrance Insurance and Financial Service

Fast Times Screen Printing

First Commonwealth Bank

FirstEnergy Foundation

Force, Inc.

Friends of the Museum

Foundation for IUP

Geneva College

George's Pro Shop

Gilbane Building Co

Glezen Sawmill, Inc.

Granite Construction, Inc.

Harbor Creek School District

Hensel Phelps

Hershey Baseball & Softball LLC

Hobby Speed

Indiana County Woodturners Association

Indiana Duquesne Distributing

Indiana Printing & Publishing Company

Indiana Regional Medical Center

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh, Inc.

InFirst Bank

InTech Solutions, Inc.

IUP Alumni Association


James D Carmella Attorney at Law

Jamie P Diandreth Physical Therapy

Jay Dee Contractors, Inc.

JJ McGuire General Contractors, Inc.

JL Weitzel Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC

Joe's Auto Sales

Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Karndean International LLC

Keystone Foam PA

KITS Brokerage, Inc.

Kline Brothers Logging LLC

Kuhn Co LLC

Landess Marie Haines Enterprise

League of Women Voters for Indiana Co

Lehigh Country Club


Logan Law Offices LLC

Luther Ford

LV Revolution Baseball

Mack Park

Maple Family Foundation

Marcus & Mack

Marion Center Bank

MC Dean, Inc.

McNaughton & Latrobe Moving & Storage

Mechanical Engineering Systems Assoc, Inc.

Meli Plastering LLC

Mona Electric Group, Inc.

Nashville Publishers Network

North East Locators Auto Sales

Optimist Club of Indiana PA

Palo Alto Networks

PARSE Indico Chapter

Penn Mechanical Group, Inc.

Pfizer Foundation

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Philadelphia Square Management Co

Plus Consulting LLC

Print Tech

Punxsutawney Area College Trust

Putt Real Estate

Pynos Insurance Agency, Inc.

Ralph A Cardamone, MD PC

Riggs Industries, Inc.

Right Hand Technology Group

Robert A Cinpinski Attorney

Romeo's Pizza, Inc.

Rosebud Mining Company


S&T Bank

Schneider Downs & Co, Inc.

Scott Electric Foundation, Inc.

Selective Insurance

Shale Alliance for Energy Research Pennsylvania

Sheetz, Incorporated

Sherwin-Williams Company

Snyder Brothers, Inc.

State Farm Insurance/David W Smith

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Stronger Day Rehabilitation & Management Company

Symmco Foundation

The Clark Associates Charitable Foundation

The Essential Foundation

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

The Law Offices of John E Gabriel

Thermo-Twin Industries

Thompson Machine Co, Inc.


TJ Kournier LLC

University Tees, Inc.

Varonis Systems, Inc.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1989

Victory Energy Corp

Vigliotti Landscape & Construction, Inc.

Viterium LLC

Vold Associates

Wain Financial Strategies, Inc.

Waste Management

Zaucha Family, LP

Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership

Cardinal Health, Inc.

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Citizens Charitable Foundation

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Duke Energy Foundation

Eaton Corporation

Emerson Charitable Trust

ExxonMobil Foundation


GE Foundation

IBM International Foundation

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Parker-Hannifin Foundation

PNC Foundation

PPG Industries Foundation

TDK Corporation of America

The Air Products Foundation

The Bank of America Foundation

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

The Hershey Company

UGI Utilities, Inc.

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